Chinese man lives Thai life with only Chinese products, sparks social media debate (video)

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A Chinese man‘s transformation of his life in Thailand sparked a heated conversation on social media. His claim that his life here resembles home despite being abroad has led some to question why Thai products are seemingly absent from his routine. Indeed, even the person who delivers his food speaks Mandarin.

One Twitter user shared a TikTok video of the Chinese citizen, commenting on the experience. The caption read…

“A Chinese man reviewed how easy life in Thailand is. He said it’s very comfortable even if you can’t speak Thai. Throughout the video, there’s nothing Thai.”

The Chinese man unveiled in the video…

“Can you believe, living in Thailand, but if you don’t speak Thai, it doesn’t hinder your life. Today, let’s see what it’s like to be abroad that doesn’t feel like being abroad.”

Subsequently, he embarked on presenting a day in his life in a foreign country that felt incredibly easy and familiar.

He started his day with breakfast from a famous international brand, the flavours remained consistent with what he’d previously experienced. His meal was accompanied by beverages originating from China. He proceeded to reveal that during the hot weather, he uses an application to order food, which is replete with choices of Chinese restaurants in Thailand. Importantly, even delivery staff can converse in Mandarin, reported KhaoSod.

His day ended with dining at a renowned eatery in a shopping mall where the staff can communicate in Mandarin. After that, he had a late-night snack at a store selling Chinese products. Throughout the day, life in Thailand appeared straightforward and ultra-convenient.

The Chinese man further posted numerous video clips on TikTok, taking viewers to various parts of Thailand. The content elicited social media questions such as, “Is this even allowed?” and observations that queried the legality of the Chinese food ordering app.

Some commentators even teasingly remarked…

“I thought he was in China.”

While some believe this is akin to Thai communities abroad, where Thai food outlets and Thai populations are teeming, it opens up a passionate debate and criticism on social media platforms. The netizens’ remarks included…

“Are you funded by China?”

“Visiting Thailand but only using Chinese products.”

“It’s a legal Chinese restaurant, right? We also love Chinese food.”

“They have a special app too.”

“If he didn’t mention that he’s in Thailand, I would’ve thought it was China.”

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