Buriram man charged with rape of 8 year old niece, resulting in pregnancy at 12

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A 43 year old man from Buriram province faces charges for the alleged rape of a child resulting in her pregnancy. The Thai man had reportedly raped his niece since the age of eight leading to her pregnancy at the age of 12. The girl’s mother sought help from authorities, exposing the abuse that had gone unnoticed over the years.

Residents in the Naang Rong district of Buriram province reported the case of a man abusing his niece and threatening to kill her if she made the news public. Officers from Naang Rong Police Station arrested the alleged rapist, Thanakrit, also known as Noi, the uncle of the girl, who is a sixth-grade student. He is being investigated and charged with child molestation, rape of a minor, and physical assault.

The girl’s mother, A (pseudonym), 37 years old, alerted the police about her brother Noi sexually abusing her daughter Yui (pseudonym) since she was in the second grade, aged just eight. The continuous abuse eventually led to a two-month pregnancy.

Noi’s friend, Samran, 39, revealed that before the case came to light, the victim told her aunt, Noi’s sister, about the rape and sexual abuse since the second grade. She had been threatened not to disclose the matter or risk being killed. However, she finally came forward when she missed her period. The girl’s aunt subsequently took her to Naang Rong Hospital, where the pregnancy was confirmed.

Noi’s 73 year old mother, Som (pseudonym), admitted to being unaware of the abuse. The family of three, including herself, the girl’s mother, and the niece, lived together, while Noi worked as a contractor in an adjacent house. Noi’s wife, 50 year old Songsa Petchrabat, expressed disbelief in the allegation, speculating that the girl might be fabricating the story, as they had been living with her husband since 2018 and he had never displayed such behaviour.

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