British DJ plans seventh girlfriend to complete weekly roster

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A British DJ and producer residing in the United States captured public interest with his unconventional approach to relationships. Already in relationships with six women, the DJ expressed his intent to add a seventh to ensure a date for every day of the week, challenging traditional romance norms.

Despite criticism, the Brit, known as LX, insists he is not a playboy but rather someone who finds traditional monogamy unsuitable.

LX doesn’t subscribe to the term Playboy as many online commentators suggest. Relationships for him aren’t about collecting notches on the bedpost but about a genuine connection that doesn’t fit into the monogamous mould.

The six women in his life are not only aware of each other’s existence but are also interconnected, with some sharing friendships and social activities like shopping trips while waiting for their time with LX. He maintains a rule of not dating more than three women at the same time to keep his life from becoming overly complicated.

Recently, LX has his eyes set on a woman who he believes would be the perfect addition as the seventh girlfriend. If she agrees, she will take on the role of Thursday Girlfriend, completing LX’s weekly romantic schedule, reported KhaoSod.

While LX and his partners are satisfied with their relationship dynamics, they face substantial scrutiny. Not everyone is open to or understands the lifestyle choices LX has made. Criticism, often from men, is a regular part of LX’s experience in navigating his multi-partner relationships.

In related news, a Thai man suffered an attack by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend after they unexpectedly stayed next door to each other at a hotel in the Isaan province of Buriram.

The 22 year old victim and his 17 year old girlfriend visited Satuek Police Station in Buriram to file a complaint against the ex-boyfriend and his friends over the physical assault.

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