Thai man attacked by girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend in hotel encounter

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A Thai man suffered an attack by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend after they unexpectedly stayed next door to each other at a hotel in the Isaan province of Buriram.

The victim, 22 year old Suriya “Boy” Matiyaphak and his 17 year old girlfriend, named Bee, visited Satuek Police Station in Buriram to file a complaint against Bee’s ex-boyfriend and his friends over the physical assault.

Boy explained that he and Bee checked into room number 4 at the hotel on May 1. He noticed a group of men from room number 5 staring at him but ignored them.

Later, the group approached him, and one of them was Bee’s ex-boyfriend named Jun. Boy said he had never met Bee’s ex before, so he initially did not know Jun.

Jun inquired whether he was Bee’s new boyfriend, to which Boy said yes. Subsequently, Jun and his friends requested cigarettes from Boy and bombarded him with numerous questions, seemingly attempting to agitate him.

Boy recounted that the group then forcibly entered his room and launched an attack. Jun wielded a gun, striking Boy’s head, while his companions repeatedly assaulted him with their firearms, inflicting two significant wounds to his head and face.

In response, Bee sought assistance from the hotel owner, urging him to contact the police. Upon this intervention, Jun’s group abandoned their assault and swiftly departed from the hotel premises.

Bee said she dated Jun two years ago but broke up when he was jailed on drug charges. Upon his release in December, Jun tried to contact her, but she ignored him as she had been dating Boy for six months.

Bee maintains that her encounter with Jun at the hotel was purely coincidental and expresses regret over not being aware of his presence. She is determined for the police to apprehend Jun and his companions and hold them accountable for their actions.

In a surprising turn of events, Boy revealed that he harbours no ill will towards Jun and his friends, attributing the attack to unlucky circumstances.

According to PPTV HD, the police are currently engaged in an active search for Jun and his associates.

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