British expat killed in Phuket traffic accident

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A tragic traffic incident claimed the life of a 65 year old British woman in Kamala, Phuket. A white passenger van, careening through a red light at the main intersection, struck the long-term British resident on Sunday, May 5, ending her life abruptly on the spot. The brutal force of collision hurled her body over 20 metres down the road before the van finally came to a halt.

Shortly after the incident, an ambulance arrived and transported Zoe Lucket’s body to Patong Hospital, where she was declared dead. Despite the gravity of the accident, Kamala Police have not yet acknowledged or responded to the incident.

The police informed locals that the CCTV cameras at the intersection were not functioning at the time, hence no recording of the accident exists.

Adding to the residents’ frustration, local businesses that offered CCTV footage from their premises were declined by the police. An unnamed expat, who was close to the victim, claimed that the van driver was not subjected to an alcohol test in the aftermath of the accident.

“Justice for Lucket is our primary concern. Additionally, we need to address the growing danger on this main road, which has essentially become a race track for taxis and motorbikes.”

The local expat further noted the frequent fatalities since the road transformed into a four-lane highway in the heart of a small town.

“We need to advocate for traffic control measures like speed humps and signage to curb these speeding vehicles and prevent further loss of life in our town. The value of life surely outweighs the minimal cost of implementing these traffic control measures.”

Lucket, who had made Kamala her home for many years, was a beloved member of the community. The expatriate community and locals alike mourn her tragic and untimely demise, reported The Phuket News.

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