Bangkok Police Hospital initiates comprehensive care program

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The Police General Hospital announced a proactive healthcare initiative dubbed Police Care for the People, aimed at providing comprehensive medical services to police officers, their families, and the general public.

This project, revealed on May 2, this year, is in line with the policies set forth by the acting national police chief and encompasses a broad range of medical specialities.

The initiative was launched under the auspices of the Police General Hospital, which takes pride in its mandate to offer medical treatment to police officers and the wider community. This effort is part of an integrated approach to health and wellness that includes direct outreach, home visits, and clinics aimed at fostering a safer environment and enhancing public trust in the police institution.

A meeting chaired by the hospital’s spokesperson highlighted the diverse range of medical services involved in the project, from family medicine to emergency care, encompassing 21 specialised units. The strategy is to deliver effective and tangible health services, reinforcing the relationship between the police and the community.

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The programme is expected to roll out in Bangkok with an initial focus on 88 police stations before expanding to other regions. The Police General Hospital’s family medicine unit will spearhead this mission, ultimately aiming to establish a network of care that extends nationwide.

Police officers, their families, and citizens seeking medical advice or treatment can reach out to the Police General Hospital or its regional affiliates. Additionally, the hospital provides a 24-hour hotline and a Facebook page for mental health support, emphasising its commitment to accessible and attentive health care services, reported Khaosod.

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