M Centre by BNH leads the way in Thailand for enlarged prostate treatments

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As you age, your body undergoes changes beyond your control, even if you have done a lot to take care of yourself. One common change for men is the enlargement of the prostate, a small gland below the bladder. This condition, medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), occurs when the prostate becomes larger than usual and squeezes the urethra (the tube responsible for carrying urine and sperm).

Having a larger prostate doesn’t increase the likelihood of developing prostate cancer. However, it can cause discomfort. Symptoms of BPH include difficulty urinating, sudden urges to urinate, and potential complications in the bladder, urinary tract, or kidneys.

For numerous cases, BPH can significantly impact quality of life including the sexual functions of patients.

Fortunately for men in Thailand, M Centre by BNH Hospital provides lots of treatments for BPH. From traditional surgical interventions to cutting-edge options like iTind and Rezum Water Vapor Therapy, BNH has dozens of available options to ease your symptoms and restore your quality of life.

What treatment options are available at M Centre by BNH Hospital?

As Thailand’s first private hospital, BNH Hospital is known to offer comprehensive solutions for patients and has earned a reputation for top-notch quality. Therefore, aside from addressing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, M Centre by BNH Hospital also focuses on improving the quality of life by preserving crucial aspects, including sexual function.

At M Centre by BNH Hospital, patients dealing with an enlarged prostate have access to a wide range of treatment options. While traditional surgical interventions and medications are available, the hospital stands out for its innovative approaches, providing cutting-edge treatments like iTind and Rezum Water Vapor Therapy. To date, the hospital is the first and only healthcare centre in Thailand to offer both procedures.

M Centre by BNH leads the way in Thailand for enlarged prostate treatments | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Dr Suntchai Wirotsaengthong

iTind and Rezum Water Vapor Therapy are performed under the expert guidance of Dr Suntchai Wirotsaengthong, the lead of M Centre by BNH Hospital . According to Dr.Suntchai, both procedures can relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate and improve urine flow. One of the key benefits of these procedures is to preserve sexual functions and restore your overall quality of life.

Moreover, given their minimally invasive nature, iTind and Rezum Water Vapor Therapy have distinct advantages over long-term medication regimens and conventional surgery, with fewer associated side effects. They’re also outpatient-based, which means you can go home the same day of the procedure. Plus, both procedures don’t require general anesthesia but only need light sedation.

After undergoing either iTind or Rezum Water Vapor Therapy, there’s an opportunity to discontinue daily medication. You’ll notice a significant relief from the bothersome symptoms of an enlarged prostate and no sexual function (loss of erections or retrograde ejaculation). With these positive changes, you can embrace a newfound sense of freedom and enjoy life to the fullest.

Should you choose iTind or Rezum Water Vapor Therapy?

Men who have not experienced improvement with drug therapy, prefer to avoid medication or are unable or unwilling to undergo invasive procedures may benefit from iTind and Rezum Water Vapor Therapy. But, which one should you choose between the two enlarged prostate treatment options?

“The difference between iTind and Rezume is the patient selection. I think iTind will be preferable for a smaller prostate, and if you have a larger prostate, I think Rezume may be the answer. Some shapes of the prostate may not be perfect for iTind, such as someone who has a large median lobe. The only way to know about this is to talk to your doctor and perform some ultrasounds or endoscopies to check and make some evaluations,” explains Dr. Suntchai.

If you are considering iTind or Rezume Water Vapor Therapy for your enlarged prostate treatment, but finding it difficult to choose between the two, consider seeking guidance from M Centre by BNH Hospital. Their urologists team not only offer innovative treatment options for enlarged prostate in Thailand, but also specialize in personalized care and will work with you to determine the best treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. For further details on the services offered and Free Consultation with Dr. Suntchai Wirotsaengthong, please contact:

WhatsApp: + 66 63 4457854

Email: Dr.suntchai@mcentrebybnh.org


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