Actress Aom Sakaojai files police complaint against cyberbully

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Renowned Thai actress Aom Sakaojai reported a case of severe online harassment to the police, triggered by explicit and threatening comments on one of her Facebook posts. Today, May 1, at 10am, Aom approached Deputy Inspector Chalerm Noppakarn of RomKlao Police Station to take legal action against the cyberbully identified by the Facebook name Nui Yabot.

The incident began on the morning of April 30, when Aom posted about her everyday life on her Facebook page. Following the post, individuals left comments of a sexually explicit nature, including disturbing propositions and requests for personal items.

These comments, which Aom describes as the most violent she has ever encountered, led her and her family to feel unsafe and compelled them to seek legal recourse. This decision came after discussions with her family, as the nature of the comments was not only unacceptable but also incited fear for their daily safety.

Previously, Aom had encountered similar comments on her social media, but none as aggressive as this latest incident. The police have recorded her complaint as evidence and are now investigating to track down the perpetrator for prosecution.

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The incident has brought to light the darker side of fame, where public figures are often subject to online abuse. Aom’s decision to press charges marks a stand against cyberbullying, sending a clear message that such behaviour is not to be tolerated and that legal channels are available for victims to protect their rights and safety.

Cyberbullying remains a pervasive issue, with many victims often choosing not to pursue action due to the personal nature of the attacks or fear of escalation. However, Aom’s proactive approach serves as a testament to her courage and a reminder to society that such hostile online conduct must be confronted and dealt with decisively.

This case is expected to set a precedent for how cyberbullying cases are handled in Thailand, highlighting the importance of taking serious measures against online harassment.

As the investigation proceeds, Aom’s experience may also encourage other victims of cyberbullying to come forward and seek justice, knowing that their grievances can be heard and addressed in the eyes of the law, reported Khaosod.

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