Nightmare in Nikom Pattana: Man flees home as walls collapse in deluge

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A young man was forced to flee his home in the middle of the night after the walls collapsed due to heavy rain, likening the experience to a tsunami scene in a film. While he managed to escape with two dogs, he called on the media to report the incident as he was unsure of his legal rights and who could assist.

The incident happened at number 260/2 in Nikom Pattana district, Rayong Province on July 1. Jirasilp, a 26 year old local, recounted how he had purchased a property from a project three years ago, only for the walls to fall apart during heavy rainfall. The wall debris fell onto him during his sleep, resulting in injuries. Additionally, water began to flood his home, forcing him to evacuate with his three dogs in tow.

Upon inspection of Jirasilp’s property, it was established as one of six attached houses, each 65 square meters in size. Jirasilp’s dwelling lay at the farthest end. The remnants of the fallen wall that crashed onto the house walls, breaking through to form a large hole, were found scattered across the premises. Window frames were also found strewn around, with the air conditioner damaged beyond repair and water seeping from the floor.

Jirasilp revealed the incident had taken place on July 1, at 2am during a heavy downpour. The sudden collapse of the room wall during his sleep, which injured his leg, and the ensuing flood in his home reminiscent of a tsunami scene from a movie, saw him escape the fallen wall debris along with his two dogs. Post-incident, he sought medical attention and alerted emergency services to the situation, reported Sanook.

Having lived in the house for three years since signing the purchase agreement in 2020 for 2,430,000 baht (US$69,330), Jirasilp had noticed water seepage from the walls during rains but shrugged it off as minor. The recent incident, however, left him traumatised and fearful of a possible reoccurrence. He explained his love for the house due to its serene environment and being his first home, having overcome significant challenges alongside his mother. With no option but to rent a room again, he called on the project owner or concerned authorities to take responsibility for the incident and expressed his wish to sell the house back.

Notably, Jirasilp’s mother, a 48 year old vendor, expressed her shock and concern for her son on hearing about the incident. She rushed to be by his side, shocked by his state from the debris of the walls. Recognising his hard work to acquire the house, she expressed the unfairness of the situation. Her son being industrious had missed out on youth activities enjoyed by his peers. She pled with concerned individuals to sympathise with their plight and seek justice for her son.

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