Man in eastern Thailand tries to sell motorcycle to shop it was stolen from

A man in Thailand’s eastern province of Trat was (rather embarrassingly) busted when he tried to sell a used motorcycle to a shop it was stolen from two weeks before. The man told police in questioning that he got the bike from a friend in Laem Ngob district, who told him to sell it, and they would split the money.

But the shop’s owner told the Bangkok Post he immediately recognised the bike, and that the suspect had not even changed the license plate. The owner, 41 year old Chotipong, stalled the man, suggesting the motorcycle might be worth 10,000 baht. Meanwhile, he waited for the police to show up. Police from Meuang crime suppression immediately arrested the suspect, 29 year old Phanupong, when they arrived.

The motorcycle belongs to Chotipong’s sister-in-law, who reported it stolen on April 8. Phanupong has now been charged with theft, and is in custody as police continue investigating the theft.

Chotipong’s shop, Leng Thaiyont shop, is located in Trat’s Meuang district.

A major incident of motorcycle theft happened in 2019 when a gang of three men in Patong, a town in Phuket, were spotted stealing motorbikes on CCTV. Further investigation found that the gang snatched the bikes off a road in the early morning and just on one side of the road.

In 2018, a man whose motorcycle was stolen miraculously got his bike back just days after it was stolen. A man driving the motorcycle, who claims he was borrowing it from a friend, just happened to run out of petrol and stop in front of a house where the man was eating with friends.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Tara Abhasakun

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