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“Your old ATK tests are not art” – warning from Thai lab scientist

Photo via หมอแล็บแพนด้า

A medical laboratory scientist is warning Thai netizens to avoid keeping their used ATK tests after one Thai netizen collected all of his used ATK tests and put them into a picture frame to show friends on social media. A momento to be shared with his grandchildren, we suppose.

The picture frame packed with used ATK tests went viral on Thai social media. Thai media reported that the person might want to show how strong their antibodies were and how many times the person could survive testing positive for the virus.

Today, the medical laboratory scientist, Parkpoom Dethhussadin, known as Mor Lap Panda, posted a picture that features ATK tests in a frame on his Facebook account.

“Do not keep your ATK collection just to prove that you survived. It could bring tonnes of diseases, not only Covid-19”.

The scientist explained that ATK tests were actually infected trash and should be treated as medical waste, whether the result was negative or positive. He added the negative result could mean you have a very low viral load, but it could still be inside your body. He recommended that the best way to get rid of the ATK test was to spray with alcohol or detergent, put it in a sealed bag and dispose appropriately.

SOURCE: Khaosod | หมอแล็บแพนด้า

Petch Petpailin

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