Human bones found in black bags by Chon Buri roadside

Human bones found in bags, photo by Khaosod.

Villagers were stunned to discover three bags of human bones by the roadside in Thailand’s Chon Buri province. Authorities are now awaiting the arrival of relatives to claim the remains and confirm whether they belonged to any of their family members.

Today, police officers from the Nong Ree sub-station in the Mueang Chon Buri district received a report from locals of human bones in bags near the Chong Mafuang Road, just before the Nong Ree water plant.

Upon inspection, the officers found three bags containing human bones, which were then brought to the Nong Ree substation for further investigation. An officer at the Nong Ree Police Station, 50 year old Anuphap Sirichok, confirmed that the remains were indeed human and were separated into three bags, Khaosod reported.

The initial hypothesis is that the bones might have been stolen from a cemetery or any place where bones were stored, possibly in search of valuable items. Unable to find any, the perpetrators discarded the bags on the side of the road. Alternatively, the recent heavy rain and strong winds could have damaged a relic containing the bones, and dogs might have carried them away.

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The police are now investigating the case further by examining CCTV footage to determine the location where the bones were stolen and to apprehend the offenders. Meanwhile, they are expecting the relatives of the deceased to come forward to report the incident and confirm whether the bones belonged to any of their family members.

This news comes after another incident was reported this morning involving a human skull found in Thailand.

On Thursday, Bangkok police were informed of the discovery of human bones in the canal near Tonson Mosque on Arun Amarin Road, Soi 8. Upon inspection, the unidentified human skull was found trapped in the muddy canal bed. All the discovered bones were handed over to forensic doctors from the Siriraj Hospital for further examination, including determining the gender of the skull’s owner, the cause of death, and the time frame of the death.

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