Human skull found floating in Bangkok canal

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Bangkok Police are investigating the discovery of a human skull found floating in the Bang Kho Laem canal. The preliminary investigation has not revealed the gender or cause of death.

At 4.30pm on Thursday, Pol. Lt. Col. Pramote Maneein, an investigator from Bang Kho Laem Police Station, was informed about the discovery of human bones in the canal near Tonson Mosque on Arun Amarin Road, Soi 8, in Watt Kalaya sub-district of Thonburi district in Bangkok. The investigating team, forensic doctors from the Siriraj Hospital, and the rescue unit of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation were quickly dispatched to the scene.

The location was a small canal used for drainage that connects to the Chao Phraya River. At the time of the report, the water had receded almost to the point of drying up. Upon inspection, the unidentified human skull was found trapped in the muddy canal bed. The foundation’s staff jointly searched the nearby water bend and found four or five bone fragments. It was not yet clear if the bone fragments were human or not.

All the discovered bones were handed over to forensic doctors from the Siriraj Hospital for further examination, including determining the gender of the skull’s owner, the cause of death, and the time frame of the death. Additionally, samples were to be collected for DNA identification purposes to track down relatives who may be able to confirm any reports of missing persons in the future.

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This news comes after a few other recent incidents involving human skulls and skeletons being found in Thailand.

On April 25, a Thai man stumbled upon a human skeleton at the rim of a reservoir near Pattaya. The man was walking along the edge of the Chak Nok Reservoir.

On April 20, a Youtuber found a human skull while filming content on the banks of the Mekong River in Nakhon Phanom province in northeast Thailand.

On March 16, a human skeleton was found in a sewer along a motorway in Nonthaburi province.

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