Chachoengsao shockwave: 5-vehicle crash injures 4, incites traffic alarm

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A sudden vehicle collision occurred in Chachoengsao province, involving a compact Isuzu Jumbo truck and a series of cars, resulting in the wreckage of five vehicles. The incident, which took place today around 12.30pm, caused concern among locals. The crash resulted in four injuries and happened in the Bang Pakong district along Thepparat Road, in the direction towards Bangkok.

The four-wheeler Isuzu Jumbo truck with the registration number 3ฒต8183 from Bangkok was driven by 26 year old Natthaphum, who lost control and ended up on the road barrier. The truck went on to hit a Honda Civic, registration 9กณ5190 from Bangkok, severely damaging the car and injuring its passengers. The injured involved 21 year old Natthakorn, 20 year old Jirarat, and 42 year old Jittra.

Moreover, a passenger car, a Toyota Yaris with the registration number กย6157 from Ratchaburi, was damaged from both the front and the back in the mishap. The driver, 26 year old Sakarin, was injured. All four injured victims were immediately given first aid and were then transported to Chulalat 11 Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

Two more vehicles, a Toyota Altis with the registration number 1ขฎ6797 from Bangkok, and a Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck registration number บย1986 from Chachoengsao, were damaged. The pickup truck was driven by Prapan, who is between 50 and 55 years old.

Upon investigating, Natthaphum, the truck driver, claimed to be tailing a van, maintaining a safe speed on the rightmost lane. As he reached the accident site, the van suddenly swerved into the middle lane, revealing a line of parked cars waiting to take a U-turn. Natthaphum was caught off guard and braked too late, crashing into the rear of Natthakorn’s car, propelling it to damage other vehicles, tallying a total of five, and injuring four people.

This morning, another road accident in Thailand claimed the life of a 65 year old woman. To read more click HERE.

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