Double bereavement: Car collision kills woman days after mother’s funeral

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A tragic car accident claimed the life of a 65 year old Thai woman, Sakorn, amid the grieving period for her mother’s funeral. The incident has reportedly piled sorrow on the family who were just recovering from their recent loss.

The accident occurred at around 8am today, on the road connecting Nakhon Si Thammarat and Pak Phanang. The investigating officers from Nakhon Si Thammarat Police Station were notified of a collision between a car and a motorbike, resulting in a fatality. The scene of the accident was observed near the junction between Pak Nakhon and Tha Ruea, leading into the city centre, Sanook reported.

At the scene, a white sedan was found parked by the side of the road. Its right-side front was crushed, the windshield marked with the impact of a person’s head. A short distance away, a damaged blue motorbike was observed on the road, and 20 metres from there was Sakorn’s brutally injured body, with severe head wounds.

The driver of the car, a health worker from the Nakhon Si Thammarat Maharaj Hospital, had minor injuries and was immediately taken for medical care. Amidst the chaotic scene, the deceased’s relatives were seen profoundly grieving. They had just organised the funeral of Sakorn’s 95 year old mother, known as Aian, yesterday. The double death has struck the family hard, especially since they had just performed the ashes collection ritual of the late mother.

Sixty-one year old Amnuay, Sakorn’s brother, with tear-filled eyes narrated the heartbreaking circumstances. He claimed that after they carried out their mother’s funeral and completed the ash-collecting ceremony yesterday, they had agreed with Sakorn to visit their grandchildren today. Just before the incident, Sakorn said she was going to buy some coffee and left the house on her motorbike. Shortly after, a neighbour alerted them to Sakorn’s death. The family rushed to the scene while the investigation was still in process.

Investigating officers found out that Sakorn drove out of the Soi Ban Khantong and turned right across the four-lane road to the opposite side. This section, known for vehicles moving at high speed, saw the incoming car unable to brake in time and collided heavily with her, thus causing her instantaneous death.

The collision’s initial impact was found to be almost 100 metres away from where Sakorn’s body was discovered. The scene of the incident falls under Cha Mao Police Station’s jurisdiction, thus the station alerted. The officer from the Cha Mao Police Station was requested to join the investigation. A forensic doctor from Nakhon Si Thammarat Maharaj Hospital was also called to inspect the scene and provide a detailed report on the cause of Sakorn’s death for further traffic law proceedings.

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