Man tragically dies in Ratchaburi after car slides into canal while resting

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A tragic accident occurred in Ratchaburi, where a 40 year old man lost his life after his car slid into a canal while he was resting. Authorities rushed to the scene, discovering the vehicle submerged in water, and now suspect the car was placed in neutral gear, leading to the accident.

Early this morning, local authorities received reports of a car being submerged in a canal, with one person trapped inside, in the Mueang district of Ratchaburi province. When they arrived with rescue teams and a crane to lift the car out of the water, they found the lifeless body of Thanaphon, the 40 year old driver, trapped inside the vehicle. There were no visible signs of injury, and it is estimated that he had been dead for about an hour before being discovered, reported KhaoSod.

Investigations revealed that the car’s gear was in neutral and had slid approximately 1 kilometre from where it was initially parked. Tire tracks were found at the edge of the canal, as well as evidence of the car falling into the canal before floating downstream to the location where villagers found it.

According to initial statements, a resident spotted the car parked with the engine running about 1 kilometre away from where it was eventually found at around 3.30am. After returning from an errand, the same resident discovered the white car floating in the canal and contacted the authorities.

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Based on the initial findings, authorities believe that Thanaphon might have parked his vehicle to rest inside but left the car in neutral gear, or his leg accidentally interfered with the gear while resting. Due to his large build, this might have caused the car to slide into the canal and ultimately, his demise.

The police will contact Thanaphon’s relatives to inquire about his activities in the area and to collect his body for funeral rites.

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