Termite mound discovery: Buddha-like formation sparks lottery hopes in Kabin Buri, Thailand

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

Residents of a rubber plantation in the Yan Ree subdistrict of Kabin Buri, Prachinburi province, Thailand, yesterday came across an unusual termite mound resembling a Buddha image. The termite mound discovery, which emerged from the ground facing east and had a pointed shape similar to a Buddha image, sparked excitement among the locals, leading them to believe it would bring good luck.

The termite mound’s unique appearance attracted the attention of fortune-seekers, who didn’t hesitate to light incense and make merit, asking for good fortune. They sprinkled flour around the termite mound to uncover numbers, hoping for potential lottery numbers.

The locals’ efforts were rewarded when clear numbers were discovered, including a three-digit number, 275, and a two-digit number, 20. The height of the termite mound, measured at 20 inches or 51 centimetres, was also interpreted as a potential number for the lottery, 51.

Kriangkrai Krua Kaew, a 60 year old rubber plantation worker and rubber tapper, shared the peculiar termite mound discovery. He noticed the Buddha-like termite mound around two weeks ago while tapping rubber in the early morning.

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This unusual sighting was shared with his relatives and co-workers, who joined him to see the mound and make merit. Kriangkrai firmly believes that this unusual termite mound will bring good fortune and luck, as previous experiences in his life have brought him similar good luck.

The locals were satisfied with the discovered numbers and are planning to buy lottery tickets with these numbers for the draw on September 1, hoping that this unusual termite mound discovery will bring them luck reported KhaoSod.

In a similarly unusual termite mound discovery, locals observed the emergence of unique termite mounds featuring monk-like and long-haired young women termites. These distinctive termites sparked the curiosity of the community, with villagers attributing their presence to beliefs in concealed treasures. This led to a group of villagers making offerings for good luck.

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