Foul play: Noxious scent unveils grim discovery of dead Finnish man in Pattaya

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An unpleasant odour seeping from a residence in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya has led to the discovery of the dead body of a Finnish man inside.

According to SiamRath, residents in Pattaya detected a foul smell from the house of a foreign man. In response, they enlisted the aid of a rescue team at the stroke of midnight yesterday. The single-storey residence bore an open fence.

Rescuers found three motorcycles and one Chopper motorcycle in the garage. Officers then rushed inside the house and in the bedroom they found the body of a foreign national, identified as 54 year old Finnish man Tim Juhani Muhonen.

The rescue team noted that the body of the dead Finnish man had started to decompose and the odour had started to seep outside the premises. No visible signs of physical harm or any indications of a struggle were evident.

Furthermore, no signs of theft or forced entry were observed. According to the rescue team’s estimations, Muhonen had likely passed away approximately seven days prior to his discovery.

Residents informed officers that Muhonen lived in the house alone and usually messed around fixing or tinkering with his motorcycles in the garage.

According to locals, a Thai woman paid a visit to his house about five to six days before his discovery. They heard the woman urge the Finnish man to leave the door open and indicate her intention to return later. They noted that the Finnish man hadn’t been seen leaving the house since that day.

The cause of his death had not yet been concluded but it has been suggested that the Finnish man might have succumbed to congenital diseases. The body has been transferred to the Bang Lamung Hospital for an autopsy.

At present, it remains uncertain whether authorities will reach out to the woman mentioned by the locals.

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