Alleged Ukrainian torture victims come forward to testify

After Ukraine’s military advance north of Kharkiv this month, evidence of torture has been allegedly uncovered. Ukrainian police and prosecutors have reportedly taken over the border town of Kozacha Lopan, forcing Russian troops back across the border. Now, an investigation has been launched over alleged war crimes.

The small town was previously occupied by a pro-Russia militia, with alleged torture victims now stepping forward to offer their testimony. District war crimes prosecutor Kateryna Shevtsova told AFP that those who worked in the Russian militia as so-called policemen are now known.

“Measures for bringing them to justice will be taken in the coming days. Most of them were locals.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has labelled the forces as “murderers” and “torturers” with Moscow claiming the alleged war crimes are nothing but “lies.”

The town of Kozacha Lopan is situated on the main rail line just south of the international border from Russia to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. It was reportedly one of the first towns to fall after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Now, as the investigation looms, the situation remains tense as sounds of shell fire remain. Kozacha Lopan is currently under the control of Ukrainian forces as Shevtsova hastens her investigation.

“Today we conducted an inspection of basements, where, as we all know from the evidence, people were tortured. This is all confirmed. Just before that, we inspected the building where the so-called People’s Police were based. In this building, there is a basement where people were tortured.”

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin says Russia will do everything it can to bring the war to an end “as soon as possible,” despite a top US general remarking that the war isn’t going well for Moscow. More alleged war crimes have also been uncovered as a mass burial site was found in the key city of Izyum. The site allegedly contained 440 graves.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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