Singaporean dies in Kamala motorcycle crash

A Singaporean man died when he lost control of his motorbike on the coast road south of Kamala and crashed head-on into an oncoming truck yesterday.

This follows this week’s death of an Australian resident, the death of a police officer in Bangkok, and the death of a passenger in a car driver by a Danish man last night in Chiang Mai, to name but a few of the recent epidemic of crashes.

The passenger on the motorbike, 29 year old Natalie Snghui Yi, and another Singaporean national, suffered internal bleeding as a result of the accident.

The crash occurred on a road in Kamala district in broad daylight at about 11.45am, according to Pol Lt Col Atcha Yatiwat. Officers arrived to find the red Honda Click 125 motorbike stuck under a Hino truck.

The motorcyclist was unconscious and unresponsive, presumed dead, at the scene. Rescue workers took his body to Patong Hospital.

The truck driver, who police have yet to name, told officers that he was driving when he saw a motorcycle on the opposite side of the road, lose control on a curve before crashing into his vehicle. He was unable to avoid the collision.

At the accident site, officers said they believed that the Singaporean man was unfamiliar with the road and had lost control of the bike while navigating the curve.

The deceased rider’s name has been withheld pending notification of his relatives. Police are coordinating with the Singaporean embassy over the accident.

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