Bangkok police arrest man with 200 methamphetamine pills

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Police apprehended a man after he attempted to flee during a routine check, discovering 200 methamphetamine pills in his possession. The arrest took place outside a supermarket on Chaeng Watthana Road in Bangkok.

The incident began when officers from Bang Khen Police Station, including Anant Warasat, Sanpich Sirisoonthorn, and Adul Phothakan, received a report of a group of teenagers fighting. Arriving at the scene around 2.30am, they found no evidence of the altercation but noticed a man sitting alone and acting suspiciously. When officers approached to question him, he suddenly bolted, prompting a chase.

The man, identified as 44 year old Theeraphong was quickly apprehended. A search revealed 200 methamphetamine pills in a clear plastic bag in his left trouser pocket. The drugs were confiscated as evidence. Subsequent tests confirmed the presence of drugs in his system, with his urine testing positive for methamphetamine.

Theeraphong admitted during questioning. “I was waiting for a friend when the police arrived. I tried to remain calm, hoping they wouldn’t find the drugs and arrest me. But when they started searching me, I panicked and ran.”

Police charged Theeraphong with possession of a Category 1 drug (methamphetamine) and illegal drug use. He was taken to Bang Khen Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a 77 year old man was arrested for transporting drugs for a Laotian network, with police seizing 288,000 methamphetamine pills. Police disclosed the man was paid to deliver the drugs, which were bought for 5 baht per pill and sold for 20 baht each.

Police in Amnat Charoen, northeast Thailand announced the arrest of Atthapol Wanthaprom, who was found in possession of a significant quantity of meth pills. The arrest took place following a tip-off that a drug delivery would occur on a road near the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives branch in Huai Rai, leading to Ban Phakdi Charoen in Mueang District.

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