Deadly motorcycle race on Kanjanapisek Motorway claims teen lives

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A tragic event unfolded early this morning on the Kanjanapisek Motorway, where a high-speed motorcycle race turned deadly, claiming the lives of two teenagers and leaving another injured. The incident occurred near the 46+600 kilometre marker, heading towards Bang Pa-In.

Two young lives were cut short when a motorcycle race went horribly wrong on the Kanjanapisek Motorway. At approximately 2.40am today, a fatal collision involved a group of friends, shockingly ending in the deaths of two teenagers and injuring another. The motorway became an unintended race track, with consequences that will resonate within their community for years.

Among the debris lay the bodies of 17 year old Apinan, and a 15 year old boy known as A, neither of whom had been wearing helmets. The impact of the crash was evident in the wrecked motorcycles and the injuries sustained by the victims.

The motorcycles, both Honda Waves, bore the brunt of the high-velocity impact. One, a white and black Honda Wave with the licence plate อสส 239 Bangkok, and the other, a blue and black Honda Wave 100 with the licence plate 6ขว 3175 Bangkok, lay mangled on the road, their fronts crumpled and engines leaking oil. The emergency services, including volunteers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation, responded swiftly to the scene.

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Initial investigations revealed that the deceased were part of a group of approximately 15 to 20 motorcycles racing along the motorway when they collided head-on while riding against the traffic, a dangerous act that ultimately led to the accident. Witnesses, including a group of young men and women aged between 15 and 20 years old, were left in shock as they watched from the parallel road and the motorway.

An eyewitness, referred to as B, recounted that they were on their way to the market when they witnessed the group of motorcyclists driving against the flow of traffic on the motorway, leading to the catastrophic crash. The site of the incident is reportedly known as a common spot for youths to engage in street racing, reported KhaoSod.

The aftermath of this tragedy will see the friends of the deceased and witnesses questioned further by the police. The bodies of the two deceased have been sent to the Police General Hospital’s Institute of Forensic Medicine, awaiting the final rites to be carried out by their families.

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