Man fatally stabbed in Pathum Thani underpass confrontation

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In a tragic turn of events, a 33 year old man met his demise after being brutally attacked and stabbed beneath a motorway bridge in Pathum Thani province. The victim from Lat Phrao district, Bangkok, had arranged to meet his girlfriend to retrieve his mobile phone, a meeting that culminated in his death.

The incident occurred last night when Theerawut was lured to a location under the Kanchanaphisek Motorway by his girlfriend, known as Eye. The couple, who were planning to end their relationship, had agreed to meet with Theerawut to get his phone back. However, the rendezvous turned deadly when a group of local youths, already waiting, launched a vicious assault on him.

Theerawut’s friend, 28 year old Jeerawat, was in shock, revealing that he had just spoken with the victim, who called to ask him to come to the motorway. Before Jeerawat could arrive, another friend who was with Theerawut called with the harrowing news that Theerawut had been stabbed and had fallen into the canal. Arriving at the scene, Jeerawat found his friend’s life had come to a tragic end.

The perpetrators, a group of teenagers from the area, appeared to have prepared the ambush. One of the youths, a 15 year old boy, later turned himself in at 1.30am, confessing to the stabbing but claiming it was unintentional.

A good Samaritan, 31 year old Theum, witnessed the altercation and leapt into the water in a brave but ultimately futile attempt to save the sinking Theerawut. Theum recounted that he saw the group fighting and yelled at them to stop, but by the time he reached Theerawut, he was already face down in the canal, bleeding profusely.

Police, led by investigator Chumphon Songngam, swiftly arrived at the scene, along with medical examiners from Thammasat University Hospital, to investigate. They found Theerawut’s body bearing a stab wound to the left ribcage and signs of a severe beating on his face, reported KhaoSod.

In the aftermath, police took the necessary steps to gather evidence and prepare for a full forensic examination to determine the exact cause of death.

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