CSD busts major Thai gambling den, arrests 45 without local police knowledge

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Continuing a crackdown on illegal gambling, a large Hi-Lo gambling den in Warin Chamrap district, Ubon Ratchathani province, was raided on Thursday night, resulting in the arrest of 45 gamblers. Local police were not informed about the operation, which was carried out by 20 officers from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), headed by Pol. Lt. Col. Phiwat Chitsophon.

Following the raid, today, the Provincial Police Region in Ubon Ratchathani issued an order transferring five senior officials who were deemed responsible for allowing illegal activities in their jurisdiction. Citing reasons of necessity and avoiding damage to the Royal Thai Police, the order was executed under the authority of the Police Act’s Sections 66, 9, and 15 (4), and the National Police Office regulations.

The shifted officers include: Pol. Lt. Col. Yuttana Prueksakorn, superintendent of Warin Chamrap Police Station; Pol. Lt. Col. Chanchai Innara, deputy superintendent for investigation; Pol. Maj. Akkrapong Sonsubhap, deputy superintendent of Warin Chamrap Police Station; Pol. Capt. Jirayut Sawangsi, chief deputy of investigation at Warin Chamrap Station; and Police Lieutenant Pisarn Suphakosa, inspector of Warin Chamrap Subdistrict. They were instructed to perform their duties at the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Police Region office, effective immediately.

In their place, Pol. Lt. Col. Suchart Klaichanpong, deputy commander of Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Police, will perform the duties of Warin Chamrap Police Station superintendent; Pol. Maj. Siritpong Suda will serve as deputy chief of the investigation unit; Pol. Maj. Vorachat Chantathong as deputy superintendent and investigation group head; Pol. Capt. Suriyan Kamsorn as chief deputy of investigation; and Pol. Capt. Pipat Kotthisan as deputy chief of Warin Chamrap Police inspector.

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This move, effective from the date of the order on June 9, will remain in place until further notice, according to Pol. Capt. Prasong Ruengdit, the Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Police commander.

Gambling remains an ongoing issue in Thailand, and gambling crackdowns regularly make headlines.

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