Gambling addiction may have motivated Thai cyanide poisonings

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The police investigation into the case of “Thai cyanide serial killer, Sararat “Am” on social media, has revealed that severe gambling addiction may have been a driving factor behind her alleged poisoning of 14 individuals.

The investigation uncovered that 78 million baht had passed through the suspect’s bank accounts, with some of the money being transferred to proxy accounts set up for receiving cash from gamblers.

Sararat’s supposed victims were found to have transferred large sums of money to her account before their deaths. An examination of her financial activities disclosed that she had lost nearly one million baht in a single day due to gambling. This could explain why she frequently appeared to be in desperate need of money, according to her friends and family.

Regarding the source of the cyanide used in the poisonings, the police have narrowed down the list of potential suppliers to around ten. They have ruled out the possibility that Sararat’s late boyfriend, Sutthisak Phoonkhwan, may have provided her with the cyanide. The police are now focusing on one of Sararat’s aides, who they believe may have been involved in the killings, reported Bangkok Post.

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The police’s forensic team, with the help of Weerachai Phutdhawong, an associate professor of chemistry at Kasetsart University, is currently examining over 400 items collected from various crime scenes connected to Sararat. The findings will be included in the police’s final report.

Sararat was arrested on April 25 while four months pregnant, following a complaint filed by the mother and elder sister of one of the 14 victims, Siriporn Khanwong, 32 years old. Siriporn had died on the banks of the Mae Klong River in the Ban Pong district of Ratchaburi, where she had just released fish for merit-making with Sararat.

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