Thai pervert jailed for 2 years for hidden cameras in Australian Embassy, Bangkok

A Thai man was labelled “a serious threat to society” by a judge who sentenced the pervert to two years in jail for allegedly installing hidden cameras in women’s toilets at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

Nayot “Bank” Thamsongsana, a former IT worker at the Australian embassy in Bangkok, has been convicted in the Bangkok South Criminal Court after pleading guilty to two counts of committing indecent acts against persons over the age of 15 by threatening them.

The investigation revealed that the pervert secretly filmed 60 women, all of whom provided statements to the Royal Thai Police. Two of the women who were filmed filed complaints that formed the basis of the prosecution’s case.

The judge sentenced Nayot to four years in prison, but this was reduced to two years due to his guilty plea. The judge stated that the pervert’s actions were “a serious threat to society and had caused psychological damage.”

She took into account Nayot’s guilty plea, the fact that he had no prior criminal record, and every document that the Australian Embassy had submitted to the court.

Nayot was visibly emotional and began to cry when he heard the verdict. His wife comforted him before he was led away from the courtroom in handcuffs by Department of Corrections officers. Nayot has one month to appeal the verdict.

Three senior Australian officials, including the deputy head of the Bangkok mission, Julia Feeney, were present in court to hear the outcome. Nayot was arrested by the Royal Thai Police in January 2022, after a camera’s digital memory card was found on a bathroom floor inside the Bangkok mission. He was fired from his job as an IT systems manager the day after his arrest.

During the sentencing hearing, the judge informed the court that Nayot had paid 20,000 baht (US$870) in compensation to each of the two women he had filmed. They could collect the compensation from the court anytime in the next five years.

The Australian embassy in Bangkok is one of Australia’s largest diplomatic missions.

Secretly filming women in bathrooms is not a new phenomenon. Only two weeks ago The Thaiger reported that police arrested a pervert for selling spycam pornography he secretly filmed inside the bathrooms of a restaurant in the northern province of Lamphun.

Thai pervert jailed for 2 years for hidden cameras in Australian Embassy, Bangkok | News by Thaiger

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