Thailand’s ‘The Pizza Company’ launches mango pizza

Move over pineapple, mango is the hottest pizza topping in Thailand this summer thanks to a special edition launch from nationwide pizza chain The Pizza Company.

Everyone loves pizza, and everyone loves mango. But do they belong together? More specifically, does mango belong on a pizza with mozzarella cheese, croutons, mango sauce, cream cheese and coconut sauce?

If your brain can’t comprehend the taste of such a bizarre array of pizza toppings, you’ll have to try it for yourself at any The Pizza Company branch around the kingdom from now until April 30. Or order online.

The company is celebrating the launch with a special two-for-one offer on mango pizzas for 279 baht.

On Facebook, The Pizza Company said…

“New menu to bring in the summer! Delicious and juicy to the core! Introducing the new mango pizza with coconut cream sauce.

“Pair the deliciousness between the sweetness of the mangoes and the aroma of the coconut cream sauce.

“Served on a thin crispy crust, this exotic pizza is a must try!”

Another glocalised item on the menu that might tantalise the tastebuds of non-Thais is a Tom Yam shrimp pizza.

This certainly isn’t the first time The Pizza Company has pushed the boundaries of Italian cuisine with a special edition launch. In 2018, the company launched a pizza that divided the nation, featuring the stinkiest fruit in the world – ‘Monthong’ durian – with the slogan…

“Destroy the rules of deliciousness with a brand new pizza made with real durian.”

Pizza chains in East Asia appear to be competing for who can make the weirdest pizza. Yesterday, news broke that Pizza Hut Japan launched a “too much coriander” pizza – featuring just what it says on the box, a pizza with a mountain of coriander on top.

In January last year, McDonald’s Thailand launched a ‘Thai style’ ice cream sundae featuring soft serve with… chilli paste and pork floss. Reactions were mixed.

In April last year, Swensen’s Thailand launched fried chicken ice cream, which looked like regular fried chicken from the outside but contained ice cream when you bit inside – complete with an edible chocolate “bone.”

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