Rayong man arrested with 70,000 meth pills despite daughter’s pleas

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A Thai man from Rayong province was arrested by officials from the Bang Lamung Police Station, in Chon Buri province. This incident saw law enforcement confiscating over 70,000 methamphetamine tablets from the man’s Rayong residence. The man’s young daughter was present during this event, and in an emotional plea, asked the officials to let her father go, promising to behave properly in return.

The drug bust occurred on July 28 when Superintendent Police Colonel Nawin Sinthurat, leading the Bang Lamung law enforcement crew, put 27 year old Pathompong Laksukthom behind bars on charges of illicit substance possession.

The police were guided to a residence situated in the Nikhom Phatthana district of Rayong, following insider information from a police informant. The items seized from Pathompong’s residence included 71,945 meth pills, a set of digital weighing scales and other drug paraphernalia.

Pol. Col. Nawin unveiled that this operation was part of a larger operation by the Royal Thai Police to battle all forms of crime across the country. Based on this initiative, the police began an investigation and soon discovered Pathompong’s covert network of meth distribution within Rayong province and its surrounding vicinities.

To nab Pathompong, the police prepared a trap, placing an order for a stash of 2,000 meth pills. The Rayong meth dealer realized his faux customers were undercover police and attempted to flee the scene. But this proved futile for Pathompong, as he was captured and taken into custody reported The Pattaya News.

Drama ensued during a search of Pathompong’s house in Rayong when the accused’s three year old daughter realised her father was on the verge of being taken away for the meth possession. The young girl reportedly burst into tears and attempted to appeal to the officers’ emotional side, pleading with the police.

“Please don’t take my daddy away. I love him, and I promise to study hard if you help my daddy.”

The police felt deeply moved by this emotionally charged display from the young girl and tried to console her and show compassion, kissing her cheeks before returning to official duties.

Despite the stirring plea, the police were bound by duty and placed formal charges against the Rayong man, accusing him of narcotics type 1 distribution (meth). They took him into custody, bringing along with them all seized evidence.

Presently, the officials from law enforcement are transferring case details to the Nikhom Phatthana police station to carry out legal proceedings as per Thai law.

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