Senegalese tourist’s body recovered at Freedom Beach in Phuket

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In a tragic turn of events in Phuket, a team of lifeguards recovered the body of a Senegalese tourist at 6.50am today from the location where he had disappeared two days prior. Freedom Beach, located in Tambon Karon of the Mueang district, had been the last known whereabouts of 22 years old man.

The Tambon Karon Municipality mayor, Jadet Vachirasorn, confirmed the body’s recovery from the waters of Freedom Beach where the young man had been reported missing on July 28.

Following the discovery of the body, local police and volunteers from the humanitarian organisation, Kusoltham Phuket Foundation, arrived at the scene for examination. After a thorough inspection of the site, the Senegalese tourist’s body was transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital to undergo an autopsy.

In light of this dramatic incident and considering the potential impact of weather conditions on the safety of visitors, Vachirasorn emphasised and directed the lifeguards stationed across different beaches to exercise heightened vigilance.

He further expressed his concern for the well-being of those visiting and reiterated the importance of lifeguards’ alertness, particularly during episodes of unstable weather, reported Bangkok Post.

As part of the mission to locate the Senegalese tourist after his disappearance on July 28, an integrated team composing searchers from Karon municipality and various other parties had been assigned. Yesterday, this group extended the area of their operation, which originally centred around Freedom Beach.

The new ground for the search spanned north to Patong Beach and extended about two kilometres south to Karon Beach, covering the most popular span of beach areas on the western coast of the holiday island. Unfortunately, their concerted efforts remained fruitless until his body was eventually discovered yesterday.

The Department of Public Relations of Thailand (PR Phuket) has already announced heightened marine security measures in anticipation of a massive influx of tourists to the island, expected to occur during the extended holidays from July 28 through August 2.

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