Man kills stepfather to protect mother from domestic violence

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A young Thai man intervened to protect his mother from her abusive stepfather, resulting in the stepfather’s death. The incident occurred in the early hours of today at a townhouse in the Nong Chok district of Bangkok.

At around 2.30am, police officer Sujit Meenampan received a report of a stabbing incident. The police, including police chief Niruchpol Yothamat and forensic officers, arrived at the scene to find the deceased, 41 year old Apirak, lying in a pool of blood.

The victim, dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt and a checkered sarong, had sustained three severe stab wounds – one under his chin and two on his left arm. A small quantity of methamphetamine, approximately 1 gramme, was found on his person.

Inside the house, in the downstairs living room, evidence of a struggle was apparent, with blood stains and a bloodied 7-inch knife left behind. The suspect, 25 year old Panupong, was present at the scene and waiting to surrender.

Mariyah, Panupong’s 42 year old mother, provided a witness statement to the police. She revealed that Apirak, her husband, was unemployed and had a history of imprisonment for 13 years due to involvement in a robbery and murder case in the Chalong Krung area. He had been living with Mariyah for six years since his release. Mariyah, a fruit vendor by profession, explained that Panupong is her son from a previous marriage, which ended with her first husband’s death when Panupong was a child.

According to Mariyah, Apirak was known for his temper and jealousy. He often carried a knife and used it to threaten her, especially when drunk, and regularly assaulted her. Unable to endure the abuse, she returned to her current residence with her son on June 15.

Fatal stabbing

Mariyah recounted that the fatal incident began when Apirak came to her house to force her to return with him. Upon her refusal, he began to assault her and brandished his knife. At that moment, Panupong arrived home, witnessed the attack, and intervened to protect his mother.

A struggle ensued between Panupong and Apirak, leading to Apirak’s fatal injuries. In a desperate attempt to save him, Mariyah and Panupong tried to carry him outside to get medical help but he succumbed to his injuries before they could reach the hospital, reported KhaoSod.

Officer Sujit stated that Panupong admitted to stabbing Apirak to protect his mother from further harm. He has been charged with manslaughter using a knife and will face legal proceedings accordingly.

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