Expressway killer reveals 3 month plan to murder girlfriend in remorseless confession

In a remorseless confession, the Thai man who killed his lover and buried her body parts in plastic bags underneath an expressway in Bangkok told police how he meticulously planned his girlfriend’s murder for three months.

In his confession, the murderer said he and 30 year old Pin were together for two years and he was very much in love with her. However, 35 year old Chanwit started to realise that Pin was distancing herself from him.

Not wanting Pin to go off with anyone else, jealous Chanwit began planning her murder three months ago. He said he got the idea to chop her up and bury her from a film.

Chanwit studied the film and learned that he would need a sharp axe to dismember Pin’s body by chopping it up at the joints.

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The remorseless killer found the perfect burial place for Pin underneath an expressway in the Lat Phrao area of Bangkok. He said the spot was hidden by some trees under a bridge in a blind corner with no lights and no surveillance cameras.

In the month leading up to the murder, Chanwit visited the burial site several times to preemptively dig Pin’s grave with a pick axe.


September 28 – After an argument, Chanwit used a sharp knife to murder Pin. He stabbed her ten times. Then, he spent the night with her corpse in the condo bedroom, he told police.

September 29 – Chanwit left his room to buy a sharp axe to dismember Pin’s body. Chanwit moved Pin’s body into the bathroom. He first used the knife to cut through Pin’s skin, then used a sharp axe to tear Pin’s corpse into seven parts by chopping at the joints.

September 30 – At 8pm, Chanwit carried the body parts in several plastic bags to his Honda City car and drove to the expressway. He parked his car on the side of the road before carrying Pin’s body parts into the darkness. He buried Pin in the grave he prepared and covered the bags with soil. Then, he threw his weapons in a canal and returned to his condo room, he told police.

October 1 – A woman who lives in Chanwit’s condo became suspicious because she hadn’t seen Pin in three days. The woman saw Chanwit leave the building in the afternoon and went into his room. She smelt blood. She went into the bathroom and said she felt that something bad had happened there. She hurried out of the room and rang the police.

Police waited for Chanwit to return to the room before entering. Police said they found cold-blooded Chanwit sitting in his apartment acting as if everything was normal before calmly telling police he murdered, chopped up and buried his girlfriend.

October 2 – Rescue workers in wet suits found weapons used by Chanwit to murder Pin in a canal after searching for six hours.

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