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Fear over Covid in India has some washing themselves with cow dung

Photo via Chiang Rai Times

Fears over Covid-19 has some people in India, bathing themselves in cow feces. Doctors, however, warn that there is no evidence that cow dung is effective at curing the novel coronavirus and even warn of other diseases that can be acquired from the bacteria and germs in the feces. The pandemic has brought widespread devastation to India, with 22.66 million infections of Covid-19 so far, and 246,116 deaths.

But experts say the numbers could be as much as 5 to 10 times higher than that reported as hospital beds, oxygen, and medicine has left many to die from a lack of treatment. The state of Gujarat, in western India, has seen some going to cow shelters once a week to bathe themselves in cow feces and urine with the hope that it will boost their immunity against the coronavirus.

It may sound disgusting and weird, but in Hinduism, the cow is a scared symbol of life and Earth. Hindus have used cow feces to clean their homes and in prayer rituals, believing that it has antiseptic and therapeutic components. Gautam Manilal Borisa, an associate manager at a pharmaceutical company, says the practise of using cow dung helped him recover from the virus last year.

“We see… even doctors come here. Their belief is that this therapy improves their immunity and they can go and tend to patients with no fear.”

But not all doctors are in agreeance over its effects or healing properties. J.A. Jayalal, the national president of the Indian Medical Association, feels otherwise.

“There is no concrete scientific evidence that cow dung or urine works to boost immunity against Covid-19. It is based entirely on belief. There are also health risks involved in smearing or consuming these products – other diseases can spread from the animal to humans.”

He says it is also risky for groups to take part in bathing themselves, as it could spread the Covid virus further. But, those who believe in the dung and urine mixture, keep lining up to smother themselves in the concoction. As it dries, they hug or honour the cows at the shelter, and practise yoga to boost their energy levels. When the mixture is dry, they wash it off with milk or buttermilk.

SOURCE: Chiang Rai Times

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Ann Carter

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    1. Yes buddy indeed, India is a dung hole thats why whole world is looking towards it for the vaccine production. The country already supplied more than 60mn doses in that condition when their own people need that too. Don’t be judgmental. You are just a one man and doing comment on whole country. In this pandemic every is trying every possible way to survive may be they are not as literate as you are.
      Here I’m attaching the link for your Ref:

  1. I’m actually holding off on the vaccine for the one made in India. It’s a traditional dead virus vaccine which allows your own defenses to adapt to mutations. No pre programmed mRNA instructions in this vaccine.

  2. A minority of uneducated people are dim enough to do such a thing or people making money out of it are out to rip people off.

    I know lots of Indians in the UK from Gujarat who would never dream of doing such an unhygienic thing, they tell me their relatives in Gujarat would lever do such a thing too, only the uneducated would do it they said.


    It is a very different to the things you mentioned which you think are quackery, they do not contain harmful bacteria etc in their delivery methods as the cow feces does.

  3. What do you see?
    I can see the desperate situation.

    Not enough O2 bootle and wide spreading virus….

    The world have to make right decision.

    And, Also have to give a serious penalty to the criminal country.

    one more,
    Thailand hospital also trying to business with vaccine. 3000฿ but 1/3 import price.

  4. Since the government is unable to help them,they will resort to anything to protect themselves from this deadly virus that has scorched the world.India can spend billions to send a space mission to the moon,but the lives of the huge population matter less.The wealthy and powerful can afford to take care of themselves.

  5. Just remember that in India some religions the cow is sacred the same as God is to Christians and how many Christians believe in Holy Communion when you where you drink red wine believing it is the blood of God. With the Indian religion the whole cow is sacred so they believe that using the feces it will protect them. Don’t ever take the high ground and criticise other peoples religious beliefs unless you can stand back and allow others to criticise your religious beliefs

  6. I think it was Einstein who said that both the Universe and Human Stupidity are infinite – but he added that he was not totally convinced about the Universe. People do the stupidest things for the stupidest reasons and that is undoubtedly the most stupid thing I have see people do. Except of course those that bought a pet rock.

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