Thailand Video News | Bangkok Cops probe groping incident by foreigners on Khaosan Road, Authorities thwart terror plot

In this video, Alex and Jay capture the news across the nation. In southern Thailand, authorities thwarted a potential terrorist operation, while allegations of groping on Khaosan Road prompt investigations. Another significant sentence has been handed down under Thailand’s lese majesty laws. Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra’s return to Chiang Mai after 17 years marks a notable political event. Meanwhile, a goat costume contest charms netizens, and a foreigner’s tattoo mystery captivates online communities.

Authorities in southern Thailand thwarted a potential terrorist operation


In the early hours of March 14 in Sai Buri, Pattani, a significant operation was undertaken by over 50 members of the Southern Border Provinces Rangers, who surrounded a rented property following intelligence about the presence of wanted criminals. The operation, which began at 5 am, involved securing the area and attempting negotiations with the suspects, which ultimately failed when they responded with gunfire. Despite repeated attempts at dialogue, the suspects refused to surrender, leading to an assault by the officers. The confrontation escalated, resulting in the death of two suspects, identified as Hamdi Salo and Rachit Mayuso, after a series of exchanges that lasted until 8 am. These individuals were believed to be planning a terrorist attack during Ramadan, with their presence and suspicious activities reported by alert locals, potentially preventing a major crisis. The police, however, did not immediately disclose the specific crimes the suspects were wanted for or how they were identified by the locals.

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Two foreign men are being investigated over groping allegations on Khaosan Road

Thai police are investigating allegations against two foreign men accused of sexually assaulting Thai women by groping them on Khao San Road, Bangkok. The incident, highlighted by a victim through social media on March 11, involved the men touching the women inappropriately while they were out for food. Despite confronting the men and receiving an apology, the harassment continued, prompting the victims to report the incident to the police the following day. The suspects, believed to be Dutch with one identified as a professional poker player, were also reported by witnesses for similar behavior. The victims seek to have the men’s visas revoked or to have them blacklisted, while the police, citing potential penalties for sexual assault including imprisonment and fines, plan to review CCTV footage and possibly summon the suspects for legal proceedings, with visa revocation being considered by the Immigration Bureau.


Another major sentence has been handed down under Thailand’s lese majeste laws

A transgender woman named Maggie has been sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court for violating Thailand’s lese majeste law and computer crimes, based on 18 tweets critical of the royal institution between December 2022 and October 2023. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) provided insights into the case, revealing the initial sentence was reduced from 50 to 25 years due to Maggie’s confession. Since her arrest last October, Maggie has been held at Bangkok Remand Prison, with reports of her being denied legal counsel and coerced into confessing under duress. Coming from a farm family in Yasothon and having moved to Bangkok for work, Maggie’s case highlights the harsh realities faced by those involved in pro-democracy movements against Thailand’s establishment, with nearly 2,000 people prosecuted for political dissent and over 250 charged under the lese-majeste law since the Free Youth protests began in July 2020.


Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra returns to Chiang Mai after 17 years

Thaksin Shinawatra made a noteworthy return to his hometown in Chiang Mai, Thailand, accompanied by his daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra, a leading figure in the Pheu Thai party, and other family members, landing via private jet on March 14 at 9:28 am. Welcomed by Deputy National Police Chief Surachet Hakparn, Thaksin’s visit was marked by a series of environmental conservation activities, including releasing 30,000 fish into their natural habitat and planting a tree, reflecting his commitment to environmental issues. After 17 years abroad due to legal troubles, his return was warmly received by locals and the Redshirts, despite Thaksin’s visible health challenges, including a soft cervical collar and constant nursing care. Addressing his health, Thaksin stated he was recovering, following a controversial period where he avoided traditional jail time due to illness, serving his sentence in a hospital suite instead, an arrangement that has been critiqued by some. Currently, Thaksin is on parole.

A goat costume contest is capturing the hearts of netizens

In Trang province, a unique goat costume competition brought together goat farmers and their caprine companions for a barnyard event characterized by flair and festivity. Held at the Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Learning Center in Kantang District, the contest featured nine goats dressed in creative outfits, ranging from cowboy themes to action movie stars, judged on their appearance, health, and talents. The competition also recognized the bond between goats and their handlers, rewarding teams that exhibited outstanding themes and showmanship. The top prize was awarded to a five-month-old buck named Handsome Boy and his owner, Da-ar Wangso, who shared a special story of companionship and resilience. Da-ar, who raised Handsome Boy from infancy after the loss of his mother, plans to use the prize money for the goat’s care, declining offers to sell him for slaughter.


A foreign man woke up in Thailand with a tattoo he couldn’t decipher and turned to the internet for help

In an event reminiscent of a scene from “The Hangover II,” a foreign man woke up to find a Thai tattoo on his chest without knowing its meaning, leading him to seek help on social media. The tattoo, reading “ฉันล่อกระเทย,” sparked curiosity and various translations among international netizens, with interpretations ranging from “I copy hermaphrodites” to “I am a lizard.” However, Thai users clarified that it actually meant “I had sex with a ladyboy.” The man’s predicament amused many online, though some advised him to consider tattoo removal, and others criticized the mockery of such incidents. The story, which garnered significant attention and debate over cultural sensitivity and the consequences of uninformed decisions, was eventually removed from the social media group amid disapproval from Thai netizens. This incident also recalled a past error where French Muay Thai kickboxer Jimmy Vienot got a misspelled tattoo, which he later corrected after realizing its unintended meaning.

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