Thai cops probe groping incident by foreign men in Bangkok

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Thai police are investigating two foreign men who allegedly sexually assaulted some Thai women by groping their bottoms while the women were working on Khao San Road in Bangkok on Monday.

A Thai woman shared pictures and videos of the two foreign men on her Twitter account on Monday, March 11 after the assaults. She urged netizens to help her and her friend identify the perpetrators. The woman explained that they went to Khao San Road at about 9pm for food, not for alcohol, adding they were not drunk or provocatively dressed.

According to the Twitter user, one of the two foreigners grouped her friend’s bottom, prompting them to confront him and demand an apology. The Thai woman said the foreign man eventually apologised to her and her friend but both he and his friend continued to act playfully and giggle in front of her camera.

After the man apologised, the Twitter user said she turned her back on the foreign perpetrators and was about to leave the scene but one of them touched her bottom. The woman could heard yelling at the men when the foreigner assaulted her.

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“What the f*ck!”

She said this foreign man repeated the sexual assault even though they had just apologised for sexually assaulting her friend.

The Thai victims believe the two foreign men may be from the Netherlands. One of them was identified as a professional poker player while the other had a picture on a Dutch news agency website.

According to the victims, a foreign woman told them she witnessed these two men sexually assaulting a female staff member at a restaurant on Khao San Road. Another foreign woman commented on the victims’ posts and their unruly behaviour.

“I saw these guys last night at a bar opposite Khao San Palace Hotel, behaving like pricks with their pals. They embarrassed themselves.”

The victims reported the incident to Chana Songkram Police Station a day after it occurred. They insisted on pursuing the case to the fullest extent and requested the police to revoke the perpetrators’ visas or include their names on blacklists to prevent them from assaulting others.

The Superintendent of Chana Songkram Police Station, Sanong Saengmanee, told Channel 7 that they would review CCTV cameras near the spot. If there is clear evidence of a sexual assault they would summon the two foreigners to the legal proceedings.

Sanong explained that the maximum penalty for sexual assault is imprisonment of up to 10 years, a fine of up to 200,000 baht, or both. Visa revocation would be subject to consideration by the Immigration Bureau.

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