Pattani police thwart potential Ramadan terrorist attack

Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

On a typical early morning, in Sai Buri, Pattani, over 50 members of the Southern Border Provinces Rangers encircled a rented property, following a tip-off about the presence of wanted criminals.

The operation kicked off yesterday, March 14 at 5am, with officers taking position around the dwelling and cordoning off the Pattani-Narathiwat Road, to safeguard locals from potential harm during the imminent confrontation with the suspects.

As the sun rose, at 7am, a delegation composed of officers, religious figures, and community leaders tried to negotiate with the suspects, urging them to surrender.

However, the suspects responded with gunfire, causing the officers to heighten their security measures and further secure the area. Despite continuous attempts at negotiation, the suspects opened fire on the officers unexpectedly, making it clear they had no intention of surrendering.

Half an hour later, at 7.30am, the officers launched an assault on the house with the aim of apprehending the suspects.

Pattani police thwart potential Ramadan terrorist attack | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

It was then discovered that the suspects had taken refuge in the property’s ceiling. The officers promptly retreated to strategize a fresh plan, aware of the potential danger the suspects presented. During the ensuing confrontation, one of the suspects was fatally shot and fell from the ceiling.

By 8am, the officers had employed a drone to locate the remaining suspect before engaging in a final showdown, which resulted in the suspect being fatally shot. Initial identification based on arrest warrants named the suspects as Hamdi Salo and Rachit Mayuso, reported The Pattaya News.

Pattani police thwart potential Ramadan terrorist attack | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News

Police sources indicated that there was a strong belief that the suspects were planning a terrorist attack during the holy month of Ramadan. Fortunately, vigilant locals reported their suspicious activities to the authorities, averting a potential disaster.

The specific crimes for which the suspects were wanted, or how locals came to identify the men, were not immediately clarified by the police.

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