Bangkok rescue team pulls off penis ring after Thai man makes prick of himself

Photo by ไมค์ ท่าเรือ 33 via Facebook/ คลองเตยแลนด์

A rescue team in the Klong Toey district of Bangkok successfully removed 11 steel rings from a Thai man’s penis after he made a prick of himself trying to enlarge his todger.

Channel 7 reported that a 30 year old man was admitted to the hospital unconscious yesterday, March 14. According to media sources, he encountered difficulty urinating following a penis enlargement attempt, although the precise reason for his loss of consciousness remains unclear.

Upon examination, a doctor was shocked to find 11 tightly constricting rings around the man’s penis, causing severe swelling. While not unprecedented, this case differed from previous instances the doctor had encountered involving Thai men using rings for penis enlargement as those typically involved only one ring.

Medical staff endeavoured to insert a urethral tube to alleviate the patient’s urinary obstruction but were thwarted by the presence of the rings. Removal of the rings is imperative before any further medical intervention can be undertaken, prompting the doctor to enlist the assistance of the rescue team.

The Facebook page, Klong Toey Land, shared pictures of the rescue operation showing five rescuers carefully cutting off each ring with a portable metal cutting machine. Fortunately, the procedure was successful, and the patient was not harmed by the cutting tool. However, there have been no updates on his current condition.

Wiroj Raksakun, a urological surgeon from the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital, informed Channel 7 that the steel ring is recognised as a medical device employed to treat erectile dysfunction. However, it is advised to wear them for approximately 30 minutes at a time, rather than prolonged periods.

According to the doctor, wearing the rings for four to six hours can affect the blood circulation system, leading to tissue damage, other serious complications, or loss of the organ.

Wiroj said the device must applied under the doctor’s supervision and applied together with other treatment methods to effectively solve the erectile dysfunction.

Wiroj also issued a warning to unlicensed doctors or clinics offering ring installations that they could face imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of up to 30,000 baht or both for violating the Medical Profession Act. Channel 7 reported more that the action could also violate the Drug Act and Medical Device Act.

Other perilous penis enlargement methods that have garnered attention in Thailand in the past include ant bites, injections of olive oil, and pearling.

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