Thailand Video News | Seafood restaurant owner’s son surrenders after fatal shooting, mushroom curry poisoning in Yasothon kills one

ln today’s edition of Thailand Video News, Alex talks about a seafood restaurant owner’s son who has turned himself in after shooting two employees. A mushroom curry in Yasothon has caused severe food poisoning, killing one, and Syn Man Kong Insurance Public Company has lost a 40 billion baht lawsuit. Monkeys in Lopburi have escaped their enclosure and wrought havoc on a nearby police station, while a museum in Chicago has announced they will return a 900 year old artefact to Thailand. A heartwarming video of a Thai girl feeding her baby sister while taking notes has gone viral on TikTok, and Malaysia will export durians to China after a new trade deal has been signed. Putin has landed in Vietnam for the final stop of his Asia diplomacy tour after making a defence pact with North Korea.

Seafood restaurant owner’s son surrenders after fatal shooting

A seafood restaurant owner’s son, Thanakorn, turned himself in after shooting two employees, killing one and injuring another, early this morning at a restaurant in Thian Thale. The incident started when Thanakorn tried to stop the employees from drinking alcohol, leading to an argument and subsequent shooting. After the altercation, Thanakorn fled but later surrendered to the police, who are now investigating the case.

Deadly Dish: mushroom curry poisoning in Yasothon kills one

A mushroom curry in Yasothon province caused severe food poisoning, resulting in one death. Contractors working on home renovations mistakenly included toxic mushrooms in their meal on June 16. Six contractors fell ill shortly after eating, with one, Phaithun, later dying. The mushrooms, including toxic charcoal mushrooms, were bought from local forager Tia, who mistakenly collected them. Most of the affected contractors recovered, but investigations revealed the toxic mushrooms’ resemblance to edible ones caused the error. Similar incidents occurred in nearby villages, highlighting the danger of misidentifying wild mushrooms.

Insurance giant loses 40 billion baht covid lawsuit

The Central Administrative Court dismissed Syn Mun Kong Insurance Public Company’s 40 billion baht lawsuit against the Office of Insurance Commission. The case involved the commission’s ban on cancelling Syn Mun Kong’s Covid 2 in 1 insurance policies, sold during the pandemic. In 2021, Syn Mun Kong attempted to terminate these policies, citing financial strain, causing panic and protests among policyholders. The commission’s Order 38.2021 protected 16 million policyholders by preventing policy cancellations. The court ruled that allowing Syn Mun Kong to evade compensation would undermine trust in the insurance sector, affirming the order’s necessity to maintain coverage integrity.

Monkey Mayhem: Lopburi runaways turn cop shop into a jungle

A troop of monkeys escaped from their enclosure in Lopburi, causing chaos in a local police station and nearby residential areas. The escape happened yesterday evening, and by this morning, over 30 monkeys were roaming freely. They disrupted the police station, forcing officers to shut windows and doors. Officials from the Department of National Parks and the local municipality used cages and food to lure the monkeys back. The monkeys returned to their enclosure for feeding time, but some remained on rooftops. A gap in the monkey enclosure was identified and repaired. Authorities are working to capture all the escaped monkeys and advising residents to secure their homes.

Chicago museum to return 900 year old artefact to Thailand

The Art Institute of Chicago will repatriate a 900-year-old artefact, a 12th-century pilaster fragment depicting the Hindu deity Krishna, to Thailand’s Fine Arts Department (FAD). Originating from the Phanom Rung Historical Park in Buri Ram, the artefact was likely smuggled out around 1965. Nicolas Revire, an expert on Southeast Asian art, linked the fragment to the Phanom Rung Stone Castle, prompting its return. The institute’s board approved the repatriation, highlighting the importance of legal possession of historical objects. Culture Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol praised the decision, noting the strong Thailand-US relationship. The fragment will soon return to Prasat Phanom Rung.

Heartwarming Video: 10 year old Thailand girl taking notes while feeding baby sister

A video of a 10-year-old girl in Thailand taking notes in class while feeding her baby sister has gone viral, touching the hearts of millions. The footage, posted by a primary school teacher on TikTok on May 20, shows the girl multitasking—writing with one hand and feeding her one-year-old sister with the other. The girl brought her sister to school because their mother was busy working. The video, viewed 2.2 million times, garnered praise for the girl’s multitasking skills and dedication. Social media users admired her responsibility and expressed hope that her sister would grow up proud of her.

Fresh Malaysian durians to reach China after trade deals

Fresh Malaysian durians will soon be exported to China following new trade and economic deals signed during Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s visit to Malaysia. Li met with Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to sign a five-year economic cooperation deal and a protocol allowing fresh durian exports. This opens a new market for Malaysia, which has seen frozen durian exports to China grow significantly. The visit, marking 50 years of diplomatic relations, also covered territorial disputes in the South China Sea and agreements on digital economy investment, green development, and more. Anwar’s office praised the strengthened economic ties and cooperation.

Putin arrives in Vietnam for state visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Vietnam for a state visit, marking the final stop of his Asia tour after a defense pact with North Korea. Greeted by Vietnamese leaders, Putin praised Vietnam’s neutral stance on the Ukraine crisis, highlighting progress in bilateral trade, energy, and payments. Vietnam maintains balanced relations with the US and EU, despite its ties with Russia. Putin’s visit aims to show Russia’s continued partnerships in Asia amid Western sanctions. He will meet top Vietnamese leaders and participate in ceremonial events. The visit, his first since 2017, may include agreements on trade, investment, technology, and education.

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