Seafood restaurant owner’s son surrenders after fatal shooting

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A seafood restaurant owner’s son turned himself in to police after shooting two of his employees, resulting in one death and another serious injury, in a late-night incident.

The incident took place early this morning at a well-known seafood restaurant in the Thian Thale area where the suspect, 31 year old Thanakorn allegedly shot and killed one employee and critically injured another. Both victims were workers at the restaurant.

Police at Thian Thale Station received a call this morning from the suspect’s family, facilitating Thanakorn’s surrender. Upon turning himself in, Thanakorn was taken in for an initial interrogation that lasted around four hours. Following this, he was briefly taken out in a police vehicle for approximately 15 minutes, presumably to gather further evidence related to the case.

When Thanakorn and the police returned to the station, the media was present. However, the police quickly escorted him inside, denying the press any access to the area as investigations are currently ongoing.

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Preliminary reports suggest that the altercation began when Thanakorn attempted to stop the victims from drinking alcohol inside the restaurant. This led to a heated argument with a Vietnamese employee, 39 year old Dinh Van Chang. The conflict escalated, resulting in the shooting.

Shortly after, another Vietnamese employee, 28 year old Hong Van Doc intervened and was fatally shot by Thanakorn, reported KhaoSod.

Original story: Seafood restaurant owner’s son opens fire on employees, kills one

The son of a renowned seafood restaurant owner, angered by his employees drinking beer after work, grabbed a gun and opened fire, killing one employee and severely injuring the other. The son quickly fled the scene of the restaurant in Bangkok and currently remains at large.

At 3.30am today, the Deputy Inspector at Thian Talay Police Station, Thassani Kudsub received a report of a shooting at a well-known seafood restaurant on Thian Talay Road in Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok.

The police, including investigative officers, forensic officers, medical examiners from Siriraj Hospital, and local volunteers quickly rushed to the scene.

Inside the single-storey restaurant, investigators found six empty beer bottles on a table. Near the table lay the lifeless body of a 28 year old Vietnamese national, Hong Van Doc who had been shot in the head with a 9mm firearm. He was shirtless and wearing black shorts.

Nearby, another Vietnamese employee, 39 year old Din Van Chang was found lying on the ground outside the restaurant with gunshot wounds from the same firearm to his chest and back. He was immediately taken to Bang Khun Thian Geriatric Hospital, where he is reported to be in stable condition.

Motives surrounding the shooting currently remain unclear but preliminary investigations revealed that after closing the restaurant, the two employees were drinking beer. The suspect, the son of the restaurant owner, became enraged and shot Hong Van Doc in the head, killing him instantly.

He then shot Din Van Chang in the chest, who fled outside, only to be shot again in the back and collapsed.

The police are working to determine the motive behind the shooting. They are interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage from the restaurant to gather more evidence. The suspect remains at large, and police are intensifying efforts to locate and apprehend him to face legal consequences, reported KhaoSod.

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