Monkey mayhem: Lopburi runaways turns cop shop into a jungle

Following last week’s move to intensify the capture of monkeys in Lopburi, a troop of monkeys escaped from their enclosure, causing chaos in a local police station and residential areas, prompting authorities to take immediate action.

The escape took place yesterday evening, and by 8am this morning, more than 30 monkeys were reported roaming freely on the streets and climbing into homes near an animal nursery in Lopburi.

The monkeys also sought refuge at a police station, prompting officers to quickly shut windows and doors to prevent them from entering the station. Officials from the Department of National Parks and the local municipality arrived with cages and food to lure the monkeys back.

The situation calmed down as the animals returned to their enclosure for feeding time, though some monkeys remained on rooftops or searched for food around the area, causing concerned residents to urge authorities to capture all the escaped monkeys to prevent further disruptions.

After inspecting a monkey enclosure in the Lopburi Municipality Animal Shelter, where more than 300 monkeys from the Manora Market were kept, a 20 cm gap was found between the wire and the steel cage. It is believed that a dominant, strong monkey managed to shake the wire loose, leading to the mass escape.

The gap has since been repaired, and officials are confident they will capture all the escaped monkeys. Nearby residents have been advised to secure their homes to prevent monkeys from hiding inside, and authorities are working diligently to ensure all monkeys are returned to their enclosures, reported KhaoSod.

In similar news, the Thai authorities in Lopburi have captured more than 1,000 monkeys causing disruptions for locals and tourists, but issues of insufficient care facilities have arisen, prompting an urgent budget from the Ministry of Interior.

The capture initiative started in mid-May and involved setting up cages to trap the monkeys, which are then given health checks, sterilised, and relocated to a sanctuary.

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