Thailand Video News | Thai fugitive arrested in Bali after 17-hour speedboat escape, fire at Chatuchak market destroys 118 shops, kills 1,000 animals

In Thailand video news, Jay and Alex cover the arrest of a Thai fugitive who was caught in Bali after escaping detention via speedboat. A fire at Chatuchak market devastated the pet section, killing an estimated 1,000 animals. A pickup driver in Phuket has been reported for threatening a couple using a gun in a road rage outburst, and Bangkok police arrested four individuals at a luxury hotels with ties to a prominent politician. 30% of beggars in Thailand have been estimated to be foreigners, while a Thai man in Surin was revived by medics only to refuse further care, escape and run three kilometres home. Malaysia has hauled 300 tonnes of plastic from a river in Singapore, and passengers injured by turbulence on a flight with Singapore Airlines are being compensated. In international news, Putin is set to visit North Korea and Vietnam.

Thai Fugitive Arrested in Bali After 17-Hour Speedboat Escape

Thai fugitive Chaowalit Thongduang, wanted for multiple murders and drug trafficking, was arrested in Bali after escaping from Thai detention. Using a fake Indonesian identity card, he fled to Indonesia’s Aceh province via a 17-hour speedboat trip from India. Indonesian police captured him in Bali, seizing fake documents and four cellphones. Thai authorities are investigating his local accomplices. Chaowalit will be extradited to Thailand on a military plane, where he faces charges including the attempted murder of police officers and drug trafficking. The operation to recapture him cost around 10 million baht ($271,816).

Fire at Chatuchak Market Destroys 118 Shops, Kills 1,000 Animals

A fire at Chatuchak Market’s pet section early this morning destroyed 118 shops and killed approximately 1,000 animals. The blaze began around 4:30 am, causing chaos as thick smoke filled the area. Deputy Inspector Natthaphong Piyananwanich led a swift response with over ten fire engines and volunteers. Despite their efforts, the fire, suspected to be caused by an electrical short circuit, rapidly spread. Witnesses described desperate escapes, with significant losses of rare and exotic animals. No human casualties were reported. Authorities are investigating and assessing damages to improve future safety measures.

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Gun-Brandishing Pickup Driver Threatens Couple During Road Rage in Phuket

A road rage incident in Phuket involved a white pickup driver allegedly brandishing a gun and threatening a truck driver and his wife. The couple, traveling on Chao Fa West Road, noticed the erratic pickup, which lacked license plates. The pickup driver brandished a gun and invited them to step out, but they remained inside their truck. They eventually distanced themselves when the pickup entered an underpass. Wichit Police are actively searching for the suspect, examining CCTV footage to identify and locate the driver. The incident has heightened concerns about road safety and road rage in the area.

Bangkok Police Arrest Four at Luxury Hotel for Drug Investigation

Bangkok police arrested four individuals, including relatives of a prominent politician, at a luxury hotel for a drug investigation. The suspects, Naraset Thaises, Gitcha, Valis, and Anchaleeporn, were detained at 11:30 am and are cooperating with the investigation. The arrest was linked to drug possession for personal use. Police Colonel Uramphon Kunderksamrit stated the suspects showed no signs of distress and will undergo drug testing. The hotel, known for its family-friendly environment, has not been previously associated with drug parties. Friends of the suspects are monitoring the situation at Makkasan Police Station.

Nearly 30% of Thailand’s Beggars are Foreigners

Thailand’s Social Development and Human Security Minister, Varawut Silpa-archa, revealed that nearly 30% of the country’s beggars are foreigners, with the issue particularly noticeable around Bangkok’s major shopping malls. From 2014 to 2024, approximately 8,000 beggars have been arrested. Foreign beggars are deported, while Thai beggars receive career training. Repeat offenders face charges. Some beggars reportedly earn up to 100,000 baht per month in tourist areas. Varawut urged the public to stop giving money to beggars to help combat the problem, highlighting that minimal fines make begging lucrative. Authorities conduct street checks regularly to address the issue.

Modern-Day Lazarus: Thai Man Rises from Dead, Runs 3km Home

In Surin, Thailand, 59-year-old Prueang Enmak was revived by a medical team after being declared dead. After regaining consciousness, he refused further treatment, escaped from the ambulance, and ran over 3 kilometers home. Prueang’s wife, Sombat, found him unconscious after drinking beer and showering. This is not his first near-death experience; a similar incident happened years ago. Despite the medical team’s efforts to take him to the hospital, Prueang insisted on going home, wielding a wooden stick to keep them away. He later expressed his sole focus was to get home, not to receive medical attention.

Malaysia Hauls 300 Tonnes of Trash from Rivers Near Singapore, Mostly Plastic

Last year, Malaysia collected 300 tonnes of trash, primarily plastic, from the Sungai Skudai and Sungai Tebrau rivers in Johor Bahru. The state government launched the Johor Bersih@Sungai program to combat river pollution across all 10 districts. Initiated in 2022, this program aims to clean rivers and raise environmental awareness. The efforts have improved water quality in five of Johor’s polluted rivers, moving them from categories three and four to category two or higher. This progress is attributed to the Department of Environment’s enforcement and industry collaboration, reducing the number of polluted rivers from 14 to nine.

Singapore Airlines Offers Compensation to Passengers Injured by Severe Turbulence

Singapore Airlines is compensating passengers injured in severe turbulence on May 20, during flight SQ321 from London to Singapore, which resulted in numerous injuries and one death. Passengers with minor injuries receive $10,000 each, while those with serious injuries requiring long-term care are offered an advance payment of $25,000, as part of their final compensation. All passengers will also be refunded the cost of their tickets. The turbulence struck over Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Basin, causing the Boeing 777-300ER to divert to Bangkok. The incident left one passenger dead and several hospitalized, with at least one passenger paralyzed. The turbulence was attributed to rapidly developing thunderstorms.

Putin Set to Visit North Korea and Vietnam, Vedomosti Reports

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korea and Vietnam in the coming weeks, according to Russia’s Vedomosti newspaper. The Vietnam visit is tentatively scheduled for June 19-20, but not yet confirmed. Putin’s visit to Pyongyang is actively being prepared, confirmed by the Russian Ambassador to North Korea. Key issues for the Vietnam visit include energy, military cooperation, and banking support for trade settlements. Putin’s trip follows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia last September. Russia has strengthened ties with North Korea amid its conflict with Ukraine, raising concerns in the West. Putin’s previous visit to North Korea was in 2000.

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