Gun-brandishing pickup driver threatens couple during road rage

Image: CCTV screenshot by Wichit Police

A road rage incident saw a white pickup driver allegedly brandishing a gun and threatening a truck driver and his wife in Phuket yesterday. Wichit Police are currently searching for the suspect involved in this alarming incident.

According to Kwannapa Patjirang, she and her husband were travelling northbound on Chao Fa West Road when they noticed a white Toyota Revo pickup driving erratically. The pickup lacked licence plates on both the front and back.

As they continued their journey, the pickup drew alongside their truck, and the driver invited them to step out of their vehicle while brandishing a gun. Feeling threatened, the couple chose to remain inside their truck.

Upon reaching an Intersection, the truck driver decided to keep driving to distance themselves from the pickup. Eventually, they parted ways when the pickup entered an underpass while the truck continued on the surface road.

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Wichit Police Deputy Chief, Wuttichai Chanfai has received the complaint and confirmed that the police are actively searching for the pickup and its driver. Wichit Police Chief, Chatri Chukaew has also been informed of the incident.

Police were initially notified about the situation at around 2pm. Authorities are now examining CCTV footage in an effort to identify and locate the suspect involved in this dangerous altercation, reported The Phuket News.

The incident has raised concerns about road safety and the prevalence of road rage in the area. The couple was fortunate to avoid any physical harm, but the psychological impact of such an encounter is undeniable.

In related news, a tragic incident transpired amid heavy downpours in Nakhon Phanom yesterday as a fatal collision between a vehicle and a squid vendor cart resulted in the death of a mother, just 300 metres from home. Rescue officials quickly arrived at the scene but were unable to save her life.

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