Thailand Video News | German Tourist Falls to Death in Pattaya, Chinese Tourist Missing in Thailand Amid Ransom Demand

Today in Thailand video news, Alex and Jay dive into news happening across the country. A German tourist has fallen to his death from a hotel near Pattaya Beach. A father has received a ransom demand of 5 million yuan after his daughter went missing in Thailand last week. Two people tragically passed away in Phetchaburi due to a motorcycle accident while travelling to the Kaeng Krachan District. Police raided an unlicensed nightclub in Rangsit and discovered 65 underaged patrons on the premises. A Thai Singer’s wife is being accused of embezzling millions of baht, while a woman was arrested for allegedly distributing methamphetamines using deaf people. Vietnam is increasing the amount of islands they are building in the South China Sea, and a missing woman was found dead after being swallowed by a python in Indonesia. Finally, Singapore’s largest money laundering case in history has concluded, and the final suspect has pleaded guilty.

German Tourist Falls to Death in Pattaya

A German tourist, Martin Bernhard Roder, fell to his death from a luxury hotel near Pattaya Beach, causing distress among other tourists. The incident occurred this morning, and police are investigating the motive. Roder’s body was found near a shopping mall, with no signs of struggle or theft in his hotel room, only allergy medication. This incident is the fourth fatal fall in Pattaya this month, following the deaths of a Thai man, a Russian tourist, and an American tourist. The investigation is ongoing to uncover the truth behind these tragic events.

Chinese Tourist Missing in Thailand Amid Ransom Demand

Bangkok police are searching for 27-year-old Chinese tourist Xin Lei Lu, who went missing in Thailand. Her father received a ransom demand of 5 million yuan (S$932,000) via WeChat on June 7. Ms. Lu, who arrived in Thailand on June 5 with friends, was last seen leaving The Quarter Onnut Hotel at 3:11 pm on June 7. A flight to Singapore was reserved in her name, but there are no records of her leaving Thailand. Police are investigating her disappearance.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Phetchaburi

A tragic accident in Phetchaburi claimed the lives of two big bike riders, Rachata and Suphattra, both 22 years old. The incident occurred when Suphattra, riding as a passenger, fell off a Yamaha big bike. A truck following closely behind was unable to stop and ran over her. Another rider, Rachata, attempted to avoid her body, but lost control and was also run over by a truck. The accident, which took place at 8:10 am today, resulted in severe injuries, leading to both riders’ deaths. The group was en route to Kaeng Krachan District when the accident occurred.

Police Raid Unlicensed Rangsit Nightclub

Police raided an unlicensed nightclub in Rangsit, discovering 65 underage patrons. The raid, led by Anti-Human Trafficking Division commander Saruti Kwangsopa on June 8, found the nightclub allowing minors under 20 to enter and consume alcohol. Police blocked all exits to prevent escapes and found over 300 young people inside. The 28-year-old owner, Patipan, admitted never applying for a license. He now faces charges for operating without a license, selling alcohol during prohibited hours, and violating official orders. The case is now with the Pak Khlong Rangsit Police Station.

Thai Singer’s Wife Accused of Embezzling 60 Million Baht

The wife of a famous Thai singer has been accused of embezzling 60 million baht from her husband’s company. Decha Kittivittayanan, head of the Lawyers for Relief network, revealed the allegations on Facebook. The wife, who had previously appeared on the TV show Hon Krasae claiming to be a victim of infidelity, allegedly transferred the money secretly to her account. The case has already gone to court, and Decha’s revelation has sparked social media interest in identifying the involved parties. This twist suggests the narrative on the TV show was incomplete, omitting details of her financial misconduct.

Woman Arrested for Using Deaf Individuals to Distribute Meth

Police arrested 53-year-old Prayoon for allegedly using deaf individuals to distribute methamphetamine to avoid detection. Prayoon, claiming she was coerced, feared losing friends if she spoke out. Acting on a tip-off, police set up a sting operation in Bangkapi, Bangkok, where they arrested a deaf man named Pattarasit during a drug handover. The investigation revealed Prayoon’s involvement after officers found photos and messages on her phone indicating regular drug sales. Prayoon confessed to selling meth but denied coercing others, providing names of prominent distributors but withholding further details.

Vietnam Accelerates Island-Building in South China Sea

Vietnam has significantly accelerated its island-building activities in the South China Sea, creating 692 new acres of land since November 2023, almost matching the combined total of the previous two years, according to the U.S. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies. This surge in dredging and landfill work comes amid ongoing territorial disputes, with China claiming sovereignty over much of the area, including Vietnam’s newly built islands. The South China Sea, a critical trade route with over $3 trillion passing through annually, is a hotspot of competing claims from China, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan, raising global tensions.

Indonesian Woman Found Dead Inside Python

A 45-year-old Indonesian woman, Farida, was found dead inside a 16-foot-long python in Kalempang village, South Sulawesi. She went missing on Thursday night, prompting a search. Villagers discovered the snake with a large belly and cut it open, revealing Farida inside. This marks at least the fifth such incident in Indonesia since 2017. Reticulated pythons, common in Southeast Asia, typically prey on mammals but have occasionally swallowed humans. Graphic footage of the incident has circulated online, highlighting the rarity but reality of such tragic events.

Singapore’s Largest Money Laundering Case Concludes

Singapore’s largest money laundering case, involving S$3 billion ($2.2 billion), has concluded with the last suspect pleading guilty. Authorities must now handle a vast array of forfeited assets, including luxury properties, collectible items, and significant amounts in bank accounts. Credit Suisse (now UBS) and Citigroup held the most deposits for the convicted, with other notable banks like DBS, OCBC, and UOB also involved. The launderers’ assets include prime real estate, luxury goods, and significant sums in cryptocurrencies. Authorities face challenges in auctioning these assets due to market conditions and maintenance costs.

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