Thailand Video News | Downpours across Phuket causes flooding and chaos, Pattaya bartender arrested after stabbing manager

In Thailand Video News today, Jay discusses the chaos happening in Phuket as a result of heavy rainfall and flooding overnight. The Thai Meteorological Department has issued warnings for heavy rainfall and expected hazards in 35 provinces including Bangkok. A Pattaya bartender has been arrested after stabbing a club manager who interrupted their dispute with a colleague. Thailand over the weekend concluded Pride Month with celebrations happening in Samui, Bangkok, and Phuket.

Downpours across Phuket causes flooding and chaos

Thailand faces severe disruptions as heavy rainfall batters Phuket. Starting yesterday morning, continuous downpours forced Phuket International Airport to divert ten inbound flights to alternative airports due to poor visibility. The torrential rain caused flooding throughout the province, impacting local communities and making several roads impassable with water, landslides, and fallen trees.

Weather warnings issued for 35 provinces

The Thai Meteorological Department has issued weather warnings for 35 provinces including Bangkok. They are advising residents to brace for continued heavy rainfall and potential hazards. Despite efforts to mitigate the impact, flooding remains a significant concern.

Pattaya bartender arrested after stabbing manager

A bartender in Pattaya has stabbed a club manager following a dispute with their colleague. The manager who attempted to intervene in the altercation sustained severe injuries from being stabbed. The suspect, a recent hire at the club, fled the scene and was later apprehended by police.

Pride celebrations finish over the weekend across Thailand

Thailand concluded Pride Month celebrations with colourful events across Samui, Bangkok, and Phuket, aimed at promoting equality and diversity. Despite weather challenges, the festivities brought together local and international communities in a spirit of unity.

Police pursuit ends with suspect escaping

A dramatic police pursuit in Pang resulted in a distressing incident for a local family when a suspect crashed into their home. Officers fired a shot during the chase, causing alarm among residents. The suspect escaped, leaving the family shaken. Authorities have issued an apology to the affected family and continue their investigation into the incident.

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