Police intercept eight illegal immigrants in Mae Sot operation

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Thai police intercepted eight illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country, revealing they were hired by an employer. The individuals have been detained and will face legal proceedings.

The Ratchamanu Special Task Force (STF) conducted a patrol in Mae Sot district, Tak province, yesterday, June 30, at 9.30pm. While monitoring the area, officials noticed a suspicious black Toyota pickup truck parked on a dirt road.

After observing for about 20 minutes, a group of individuals, both men and women, emerged from the roadside and approached the vehicle. The officials then revealed their presence and proceeded to investigate.

Upon inspection, they discovered eight Myanmar nationals, comprising six men and two women. Police seized the black Toyota truck.

A Burmese national without identification or a passport, 30 year old Kong Mya, confessed that he had been hired by an employer to pick up the eight individuals from the aforementioned location and deliver them to the Mae Sot district. From there, another person was supposed to take the group further into the interior.

The STF coordinated with the local police and administrative officials of the Mae Sot district before handing over the detainees to the Mae Sot Police Station for legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

Police are intensifying their efforts to identify and apprehend the employer who orchestrated this operation. The collaboration between the STF, local police, and administrative officials was crucial in ensuring the successful interception and detention of illegal immigrants.

In similar news, Kanchanaburi police arrested 25 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Thai border in Sangkhlaburi. The interception occurred at 2am, on June 28, as immigration officers and related agencies conducted a coordinated operation.

Police in Kanchanaburi were alerted to the presence of numerous foreign immigrants hiding in a forested area of Sangkhlaburi. Responding swiftly, officers positioned at Prang Plo Intersection, along with relevant agencies, were dispatched to investigate the reports.

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