Woman shocked to discover future mother-in-law is unkind former school tutor

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In a surprising turn of events, a young woman preparing to meet her boyfriend’s parents ahead of their wedding was floored to discover that her future mother-in-law was a former tutor she had an unpleasant history with during her secondary school years. The woman, seeking advice, took the situation to Dcard, a popular Taiwanese web forum. The thread sparked a fierce online debate, showcasing a wide range of viewpoints.

The original post dates back to July 10. Under it, the young woman shared that her partner was three years older than her and they had been in a solid relationship for a year and a half, with plans to marry.

The boyfriend proposed a meal with his family which she agreed to without much thought, eager to share the happy news of their upcoming nuptials. The couple, living in different towns, arranged to meet for lunch on Saturday, July 15.

Before the much-anticipated meeting, the young woman, wanting to know more about his family, browsed through her boyfriend’s Facebook photos. She was shocked when she saw a picture of her boyfriend’s mother. To her surprise, it was the woman who used to be a tutor at an academic centre where she studied during her early secondary school years.

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This tutor broke her heart. Not only did she make all the male students in the class laugh at her body shape, but purposely misplaced her items when she was about to go home, ensuring she wouldn’t find them. Even when she went to school the next day, the tutor deceived and embarrassed her by changing her correct answers to wrong, disappointing the headmaster with her declining performance, reported KhaoSod.

“I know it was a long time ago, but it was a huge blow for me back then, and I still couldn’t get over it with a smile.”

The dilemma left the young woman unsure of whether she should disclose this unpleasant past to her boyfriend, reasoning that it was only her grudge against his mother and probably has nothing to do with him. However, with the thought that this woman could soon be her mother-in-law, she found herself in a predicament. She said…

“Feeling terrible thinking about it, what should I do when Saturday comes? Should I break up over this?”

Following the controversial post, heated discussions amongst netizens emerged. One male social media user suggested…

“If your partner unquestionably stands by you, you can comfortably marry him and initiate your revenge plan (laughs). If your partner speaks on behalf of his mother, hopefully, you can judge whether this man is worth marrying.”

Eventually, heeding the advice of netizens, the young woman confessed to her boyfriend about the issue, who responded,

“My mum might have done some bad things, but it’s over a decade ago. Why are you still holding a grudge? And it might just be arguments with students. You’re blowing it out of proportion. How can we get married in the future if you still hold grudges like this?”

The boyfriend’s response left her shivering. She added…

“We’ve decided to break up now. It really feels like what I’ve said, haha.”

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