Outrage in China after actress in haunted house attraction sexually harassed by visitor

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A recent unpleasant encounter within a haunted house attraction in China, where a working actress was sexually harassed by a visitor, sparked an outcry in the Chongqing province. The distressing incident occurred on July 9 according to local media outlets, provoking calls for heightened security and stringent behavioural regulations within such amusement sites.

The young woman, who works as a scare actor in the horror-themed establishment, was assigned the role of a ghostly woman character. In a disturbing interaction, an unruly male visitor, without inhibition, groped her chest and other parts of her body while using unseemly suggestive language. The interaction left her profoundly shaken.

The harasser came with a group of friends, two men and three women. She took a stance against his behaviour and confronted him, only for him to brazenly refute any wrongdoing, expressing a clear attitude of entitlement mirrored by his group. The threatening gesture of clenched fists and rude, aggressive language thrown her way increased her state of fear. A swift call was made to a colleague for support, but the group fled the scene before their arrival, reported Sanook.

Instead of letting the matter slide, she reported the incident to local police and is currently waiting for the investigation’s outcome. News of the incident has enraged social media users, who unanimously expressed hope that the police would handle this matter seriously and hold the offender accountable. Viewers of the story commented…

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“There is no humour in this at all, it’s a crime!”

“Invading a haunted house to harass others is reprehensible.”

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