Canine rescue: UK police sober up intoxicated owner at Wolverhampton station

Picture courtesy of BTP Black Country Twitter

A local police team in the UK promptly intervened to safeguard a dog from its intoxicated owner at a Wolverhampton railway station. According to the BBC, the British Transport Police (BTP) received an emergency report from the station, raising concerns about a young woman who appeared heavily intoxicated and seemed unable to adequately care for her dog.

As part of their investigation, the officers ensured the welfare of the dog by temporarily placing it in their vehicle. The measure was taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the canine. An accompanying photograph, shared on Twitter by the BTP, quickly went viral on social media platforms. The image showed the troubled-looking dog, snugly fitted in a light blue shirt, with its sad eyes staring out of the window.

The sight of the forlorn dog sparked an outpour of sympathy from netizens, many expressing concerns about the dog’s safety. However, the BTP assured that the dog will be taken care of, and further investigations will be conducted, reported BBC.

One Internet user commented…

“Hope the officer buckles up the dog for safety.”

Other social media users found the sight of the dog in a human shirt amusing.

“The pooch is wearing a human shirt!”

“The dog looks cool in that outfit.”

“Hope the little one is safe.”

“So cute.”

The British Transport Police responded to comments on Twitter.

“Yesterday our officers received a text report regarding a young woman who was intoxicated and not adequately caring for her dog. Officers attended and ensured the welfare of the dog while further enquiries are ongoing to establish any offences #SeeItSayItSorted 🐶”

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