Brutal Thai loan shark arrested after 4-hour high-speed chase with police (video)

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Police arrested a violent Thai loan shark after a four-hour high-speed chase in the Jom Thong district of Bangkok.

The loan shark, 38 year old Thaksin Phanpian, had been on the police radar after a vicious assault on the debtor last year. Thaksin brutally assaulted the debtor to reclaim money owed. He kicked the victim who was sitting on his motorcycle making the victim fall to the ground. Then, he stamped on the victim’s face and head until he lost consciousness.

Thaksin also had a long criminal history related to drugs and weapons. Despite the gravity of his actions, he managed to remain at large, continuing his brutal spree in the Jom Thong neighbourhood.

The police were able to track Thaksin down on August 21 while he was riding a motorcycle in Soi Suk Sawat 26. Thaksin noticed the officers prior to his arrest but did not appear to be afraid. At one point he even turned to face the arresting officers and smiled before revving his motorcycle and speeding away from the scene.

Officers set off in pursuit of the violent loan shark. Some officers had to separate and borrow motorcycles from motorists in the area. Thaksin eventually abandoned his motorcycle and made a daring attempt to escape officers by swimming in a canal. Fortunately, he failed and Thaksin was arrested and taken to Nong Khang Plu Police Station for further questioning.

Thaksin admitted to the violent attack last year adding it was not related to any outstanding debts. He claimed that the victim was a motorcycle taxi rider who was his friend. They had a personal issue which later led to the attack. He attempted to agree on the issue with the victim but they agreed to disagree, resulting in the violence.

Thaksin also claimed that he fled the police because he thought the officers were the students from a polytechnic institute who had attacked him in the past.

Thaksin faces six months to 10 years in prison and a fine from 10,000 to 200,000 baht according to Section 297 of the Criminal Law for physically assaulting another person leading to a severe injury.

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