Kicked to death: Thai man’s deadly assault outside store leads to arrest in Rayong (video)

Photo via Nation TV.

Police arrested a Thai man who kicked a victim to death in front of a convenience store in the Pluak Daeng district in the eastern province of Rayong.

Pluak Daeng Police Station officers and rescuers rushed to the scene to try and rescue the victim, 32 year old Supitcha Bhumphat on Monday, August 21, but found he had already succumbed to his injuries. He was found lying face up with bulging eyes. The rescue team provided CPR to Supitcha but they were unable to save his life.

Officers checked security cameras at the scene and discovered another man involved in the death. Supitcha and the unidentified man were seen engaging in a heated exchange which later led to a physical confrontation. Supitcha collapsed to the ground and the unidentified man kicked him in the face. Supitcha died on the spot while the attacker fled the scene.

Officers reviewed more CCTV near the incident scene until they managed to identify the attacker as a 29 year old man named Chatchai Yaemliang. He was arrested yesterday, August 22, at his house and taken to a police station for questioning.

Chatchai insisted that he did not know Supitcha in person and never had any conflict before. On the incident day, he was drinking alcohol at a shop nearby the scene when Supitcha approached and made fun of his physical appearance. Supitcha reportedly bullied Chatchai about his looks.

According to Chatchai, they met each other again on that day and engaged in a dispute as shown in the CCTV footage. Chatchai claimed that Supitcha started the fight by pushing him in the chest, so he punched Supitcha three times in his face followed by a fatal kick to the chin.

Chatchai felt remorse for Supitcha’s family. He said did not expect to kill Supitcha.

Supitcha’s friend, 31 year old Kannika, revealed to the police that Chaichai’s confession was not plausible. Kannika revealed Supitcha often behaved like a woman, which, in her view, made it unlikely for him to have initiated the fight.

However, Kannika expressed her appreciation of the police and commended officers for swiftly identifying and apprehending the suspect.

Chatchai will face three to 15 years in prison for assaulting another person and leading to death according to Section 290 of the Criminal Law.

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