Vietnamese man’s ingenious laundry tactic for cash stash leaves social media bemused

Photo Courtesy of docbao

In an unexpected revelation, a woman in Vietnam discovered why her husband of five years consistently insisted on folding the family’s laundry, leaving the social media community amused with his secret. She recently stumbled upon her husband’s concealed stash of cash, cleverly hidden within the folds of the family’s underwear.

The woman shared her discovery on social media with a photograph captioned…

“My husband has been volunteering to fold our family’s clothes for five years. I used to wonder why he seemed so happy doing it. Now I understand the reason.”

A photograph revealed her husband’s stash of cash neatly tucked in his underwear and stored in the couple’s wardrobe, reported by docbao.

The photograph gained traction on social media with many taken by surprise.

Many users came forward with humorous comments. One cheeky netizen said…

“He’s even hiding thousand-dong bills (15 baht or US$0.50). It shows how strict his wife is about money.”

Another cheekily quipped…

“I didn’t know underpants even had pockets. Thanks for the info!”

This seemingly mundane task of doing laundry had inadvertently become a strategic money-stashing venture for the husband, a secret brilliantly concealed until today.

In related news, an old Indonesian man revealed to his family and the people who lived around him that he had hidden his money under his bed for a number of years.

His family and the neighbours were taken aback by this information. The sum of the notes, which was greater than 100 million rupiah (230,000 baht or US$6,600), was counted by more than 20 people collectively.

Severe illness to the 74 year old man prompted him to disclose the secret stash. Upon opening the mattress, as directed by the man, family members discovered numerous banknotes. Neighbours and more than 20 relatives were then called upon to help count the money. To read more about the story click HERE.

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